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Bidding on Roberts here in the afternoon so I watch nineteen eighty one NFC championship game it was it was really cool because vin Scully did the game make stranded the game right so those are all really classical always is my checkbook yeah at the end where where you know he says and then imply clog has may have just taken the forty nine is that a super ball I believe that's what he says so we're is a call from that as the radio the radio I guess you know the one radio yeah I figured that yeah I look then Scully did the game yeah I was saying stranded it were good there there's a couple of things that your battery the San Francisco forty Niners did not deserve to win this game they turned the ball over a million times they committed a lot of bad penalties in this game I mentioned one of them earlier was a a pass in a few it's on running live right should have been called right but you go back and look at this game on their second possession I'm trying to give his first name and he was bill rang the running back will ring a full back your full back yet he fumbles on a third down a couple possessions later they're threatening they've got on the Dallas like seventeen yard line and Montana throws a big interception Everson walls then there's a turnover in which Montana is hit from behind Harvey Martin just nails and that court causes another fumble that Dallas didn't take advantage of a lot of these there was another interception that was not Joe Montana's fault that went off Linville Elliott where one off of his hands and then Randy white picked off but locally for the Niners one play later they forced an interception against Danny white then there was another fumble later in the game and then we turn the ball over for the sixth time late when Joe Montana threw a deep ball six turnovers and I came to realize that six turnovers though what I didn't live below leave yet that I gave you was part of a huge drive it would you get if you get used to the game winning drive if I'm not mistaken yeah of the forty Niners when they got the ball back as Dallas went up twenty seven twenty one on a bike Crosby touchdown right hander throws his sixth interception and then there's a huge play in which on a third down Danny white finds Donnelly who's open and it just goes office hands it's a flat out drop they're forced to punt Niners get the ball back at their own ten yard line obviously needing to drive the length of the field because they're down by six at that point and Linville Elliott had the ball I'd say you know eighty percent of the time on that final drive and then it was a thirty three when Dwight Clark made the catch and he had a hell of a game outside of the one catch right you know obviously that's the the highlight of the game that's the moment that lives on in NFL history but he had a touchdown catch earlier in the game just a great play by Montana where he's being chased down Bob Breunig is holding as well lag as Montana gets rid of the football and Clark is wide open in the end zone it's one of the early lead San Francisco took but Clark was awesome in this game was just that last played my clock was tremendous tremendous receiver he's this is the pre pre Jerry rice stated at the wide receivers with white clock and Freddie Solomon Freddie Solomon right the tight end Charlie young had a couple of big Ollie Jones game right right we mention Linville Elliott out of on his hands a lot yeah Tony Dorsett was obviously a superstar at the Dallas Cowboys you got any error then white was very white was the quarterback fitted the cowboys it were to run there would it would lose three straight NFC title games it was that the city eagles in Philadelphia AT the Niners and San Francisco eighty one in the Redskins in Washington and AP so any day anyway got hurt in the eighty two game right the middle of that games I'm not a hundred percent sure about that most of the title games I is it watching this game I started to be fascinated by Danny white for two reasons number one is also the punter right Selfridge which also to plot the that's correct which is kind of a cool thread dad if your coach Tom Landry that the guy was get ready to pump you know six or seven times a game quarterback it's a quarterback he will make a big play with his arm and if he wins any of those title games specifically this one because overall he played well enough to win this game right they really did and I mentioned the Niners I mean a lot of mistakes with six turnovers and a hundred yards worth of penalties usually that's not exactly the formula noting a playoff game out now but if the any white wins this game I don't know I I I I think he's viewed differently I think winning one of these championship games and him leading the cowboys to Super Bowl I don't know why it yeah I think it changes the way he's viewed alike right would have to win it all yeah well yeah I would have to win the Superbowl so I think that you know that's it not just get you know get buy one of those title games but could you imagine in today's world the quarterback pumping there's no way that we have I don't know he could be Sammy boy as reporter and is No Way quarterback be pumping now I know I was thinking about that then you mention this after the way Clark catches the touchdown dance yet think about this the cowboys are down a point this forty seven seconds left in the of two timeouts so they they got plenty of time to field goal to win the game right you're down twenty eight twenty seven Brian stepping in their kicker it made every field goal I think in this game Rafael sept the N. septiembre does set up a file set the end yet yeah he's made a couple of field goals in this game I forget how many two or three whatever it is including one early that was like a fifty yarder so the cowboys are great position you don't drive down the field they come back they kick a field goal games over the first play from their own twenty five yard line is this huge plated drew Pearson in which obviously I know the result you know watching these aims you know how it ends right but it looks as if he's off to the races and he's about to get a seventy five yard touchdown and Eric right at the last second grades he sure it's a horse collar which they didn't have back then right but no question it was not even quite it was back then you could tackle on like that right right so it's nothing nothing's illegal but my god did that save the day because he's got for seven dot Yodo question railroad he is a make that plague uses copper touch now no doubt but the other thing is the cowboys use their time out right after this thirty eight seconds left the set up of the nine or forty four plenty of time with the basically have to go I'd say fifteen yards with a couple of plays to give someone a time out of your hands sept is set up for game winning field goal we feel go yeah and the very next play is a strip sack Paul came over yeah stocky is the one who recovered I forget to put a hit on Danny white but I mean that's it when you really think about it you know how big is that polite Hey they tackle about in in the strip sack right after Hey look I mean if there was any changes history it's a you know I mean everything changes if the Niners don't win that game no doubt you know it's a historic change in history but I think that if I remember when the NFL network's does their top hundred no probably do it again because they're replaying all that stuff now I think it was either the third number three or four of the all time greatest games it was in the top five that game all right well man I mean the thing that's fun about watching this game is the amount of lead changes that occurred you know now San Francisco's in Dallas comes back and takes the lead and then the Niners take the lead it was a real back and forth effort there were a lot of turnovers a lot of big plays a lot of big defensive plays it really was one of those games that you know it really featured a lot of features like everything you could want nine turnovers complex between the two teams a lot of great players we get to see Tony door said you have a single Montana it was it's it's definitely a game that's worth going back and rewatching and if you you the quality of it too on you tube is very good is yeah that was suppressed they tell me this surprise you all these years later I was curious what the line was in this game do you know what the point spread was in this you know it's interesting because the Niners came out and really know where that year I mean if they had been a bad thing for a long time and I don't know where they went fourteen into that if I'm not mistaken there were fourteen to to to you tonight as I'm pretty sure that was the number on a word home a thousand probably favored on the road but should it work yeah now you know that they were three point favorites on the road yeah I believe it and obviously the one of the most important game in classic games in NFL history yeah but then we have the about the other thing about that night it seems that they started three guys they the three of the four guys in the secondary everybody except Eric right I believe it or not they're quite was also one of them who's the other was was named the white Hicks was the it was the only white Hicks was the only guy in the secondary that started that was not a rookie eight drafted all those guys that year Ronnie Lott Eric right and called in Williamson what are your three guys in the secondary and white Hicks was the only veteran guy in that second their crazy what up wit which it wouldn't basically a seventy five percent rookie secondary and they won the Superbowl and and now and I guess it is too but those nineteenth rose did their defenses did not get enough credit you know was all about bill Walsh was all about Montana it was all about the west coast offense you know Jerry rice Roger Craig all at at and that's what you always thought about what you thought about that night dynasty in the eighties but they had some pretty damn good defensive football teams out there yeah it's only fitting that they be overlooked that with them one of the most overlooked moments in this game is a defense supply yeah we are really secure the victory yeah otherwise you know history the NFL's written very differently no doubt we'll come back we'll get back to your calls eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six as we take you up till six o'clock this is tiki barber with a radio dot com sports minute or board you know what I know with your.

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Roberts, Vin Scully, NFC discussed on Joe & Evan

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