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Me for socially distant spring news W. CBM Baltimore recover level open willing across the Great Lakes keep some cold numbers posting here wait we can Baltimore freeze alerts shopping early Friday morning and we are flirting with thirty two degrees here in the city and some of the other panhandle will be below freezing tonight around thirty five here in town mostly cloudy Friday a sprinkler to a high fifty eight and the rain showers possible on Saturday we quickly had a field this weekend fifties and sixties this weekend I'm Scott Warren more the weather channel on talk radio six eighty WCBS broadcasting live from W. C. B. M. safe retirement solutions studios call rod borough it for ten to six six eleven twenty or on the web at safe retirement solutions dot com the views and opinions you hear on talk radio six eighty W. C. B. M. at W. C. B. M. dot com are not necessarily those of the owners management employers and advertisers of W. CBM but they should be stay tuned for the mark Levin show right after book section on talk radio six eighty WCBS disseminating information central intelligence make no mistake this is the box sixteen show former CIA analyst the US.

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