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Human strength run really fast or be in a super capable of things that this is the system that pulses changes in chemistry through your body that let's that happen and that's really good every once in a while and if you immediately use all that chemistry to do the things you need to do and have it dissipate quickly and return to normalcy problem is when this same thing is being triggered by high levels of noise and then it's being sort of a kept there aren't a sustained basis will that stress response that sympathetic nervous system after ovation and all of the chemistry that it releases through your body can lead over time to things like hypertension and diabetes and oxidative stress meaning literally like your inside start to rust and all sorts of things that star to relief factor quarterback go system and the health of your cardiovascular system and scientists believe that the relationship then between this noise and heart disease comes from the fat that high levels of sustained traffic noise can trigger soared this sustained sympathetic nerve assistant activation which courses these chemicals through you which become massively destructive to nearly every system your body if they're sustained over time so what does that mean well what do you do about that that is my big question as a city dweller what am i going to do about that does that mean i'm gonna move so i can can live out in the bucolic park like place or black to the suburbs where i can open my windows all day every day and just hit it chirping of the birds in the rustling of lease maybe i actually really like that what's interesting is that i don't really can notice the sound in new york and he more you habituate to it.

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