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Uh-huh. To say about about the game last night. My my brother actually saved he had this big long list city. Did he sent me most of those ones that you read off or his, but I have to say one thing I think I got the best one. What was the best one? Nobody said it, and I'm I'm gonna take a victory lap for it. You got a minute. I Don I told my brother said I wish I thought of it. Look check it out jaws. Oh, God, that's kind of. Kind of stretch. I think. So. Yeah. Well, I I got really have to do with. Yeah. I suppose. Yeah. Okay. And I you know, I got who's coming to dinner and yellow submarine. That's kind of a stretch to like a submarine sandwich. Yeah. But submarine is food and giant food. I get it. I get it. Yeah. You win. All right. But I'm not going to get to the other stuff. Probably because the news is coming up. But I I had a few other things on the list. But anyway, I'm probably got call you Tuesday with that number stake. Okay. Awesome. Thanks good job on the game in any way, your next attempt. So we can play the way I do. I do name all my games. Kagame was I gotta go. This was wine and dine at the movies. Thank you very much. Doug. It's WBZ. On.

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