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Some some there will before folks saying, oh, yeah, for sure. Before we resume this segment that we're doing here a report, the latest on Josh Donaldson friend of the program, the Blue Jays hope to trade Josh Donaldson before the end of the month, according to a report from Ken Rosenthal of the athlete, Donaldson will reportedly go on revoke Qabail trade waivers tomorrow, which is Thursday. So I mean, it's actually today if you're listening today, if you're listening on drop day, just went on weight when on waivers, trying to think of some teams that might need a rental, either baseman maybe have like a third baseman. That's been on the disabled list like three times and just not not dependable, maybe need some guys that can just be injected into a winning environment and maybe eat too much fucking ice cream. Yeah. Wow, I don't see that happening. You think that's, I mean, maybe I'm just trying to see if there's a fit trying to will that out there trying to see if there's a fit. That's all. I don't know. Alley. I don't know if you can handle that JD. That's a lot of star power to JD's. Is there room for two JD's in Boston? I'm sure there might be couple MVP winters. I mean, you think about the about adding a JD right now to that lineup. I don't wanna see. That wouldn't be. Don't wanna see that at all. Yeah. Jose Ramirez currently on pace for forty six home runs and thirty five stolen bases. Will he become the second player in major league baseball history to reach forty five home runs and thirty five stolen bases in a single season Soriano in two thousand six. The first to do it. This is. I'm going to say no. Jay. Well, I mean, well, let me just be totally objective here and say that he most definitely will easily hit both of those marks. I'm looking at fifty fifty as as the kind of bench for what we're going for here getting. But I do think you will hit that in large part because I think every time I have wondered about what Jose Ramirez ceiling is he has exceeded and I am no longer going to be the person who says this is Jose. Ramirez peak or Jose Ramirez is not going to do this because he always fucking does it. So I'm going to say yes, he gets the forty five thirty five and I'm very interested to see where he finishes in the AL MVP race. I want him to be forty forty. I want him. I need Jose. Forty. I need Jose Ramirez to forty forty. I think I don't think he'll get it by because I think because look, what are they up? Fourteen fifteen up half a fucking, but they're, they're, they got a two week lead in the puck division. So there. They're totally fine. And that is why I think that we're not gonna see him run. They're not gonna. They're not going to deploy him in that manner. They're going to let him rest. All right. And we'll see that game will see those tools put to use. Come come postseason time. That's when we'll see Joe ram star breaking that shit out, but I would love love, love love to see that be thing for him. Forty homers forty bags. Yes. I would love to see one of those. I would love to see one of those stolen bases be the one that takes the Indians from ninety nine point nine percent in the playoffs to one zero zero. Keep it going has ever rest on your laurels. Here we go see, don't push push lock it up. That's right. I don't think he's gonna get there. I think he'll get the forty five homers do not think that he'll get the thirty five bags. Sorry. That sound feel sorry for you? Sorry, Jacob degrom will he become the first pitcher since Sam Weaver in eighteen seventy eight to register at least nine wins above replacement while winning twelve or fewer games? He's currently. Seven point four war with eight wins. We'll swing and Sammy Weaver, everyone remembers him. Yeah. Dream Weaver? Yes, yes, yes. Let a bit of a drinking problem. Small circles. What what the fuck is the question here? Does he needs? It's very pointed question. Jesus Christ. Ridiculous him. Well, listen, it was very specific. I was trying to find a way to link Jacob degrom lack of wins with his overall production without doing the are a. 'cause it's tough to be on pace for any are a, but..

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