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16 wi OT All right, thanks are forecast for today. Well, it's coming other warm and humid start toward day, but also kind of quiet in that sense this afternoon, we're gonna get some cloud cover around town. It's gonna be about 81 degrees. Anyone the 83, according to Ray staging, so that's what you can expect. Warm. A lot of range forecast till Sunday That time for our businesses and overstep boundaries. Marty Jeff Jimmy. Fewer homeowners were in danger of losing their properties last month. Adam Data Solutions reports. The number of homes with some type of foreclosure filing in January was down 11% from December and down 80% from January of last year. The report notes that the Biden administration's decision to extend the foreclosure moratorium on government backed loans is at least partly responsible for the decline. Pharmaceutical companies that have not produced covert 19 vaccines on their own or hoping to work with the vaccine developers to produce and distribute the shots. Teva Pharmaceutical Merican Company and Panacea biotech have all been in touch with rivals trying to negotiate production deals in Microsoft and Volkswagen are expanding their collaboration involving cloud technology. The company's now plan to work together to speed development of self driving vehicles. The W will work with Microsoft to build a cloud based platform that will simplify some of the processes involved in getting technology into vehicles back to you, Jimi. All right. Thanks. More reaction is expected in the sports world today, a day after the MBA announced that all teams would be required to play the national anthem, four games. Move comes after the dolls, Babar books and their owner, Mark Cuban, previously Not played the anthem at their home games this season. Played this song before the game against Atlanta Hawks last night, though, N B a players Had not now for the anthem toe last summer at the Games in the bubble near Orlando, Florida when they showed support for racial justice and equality, they say. And I love Cubans line. He said. Well, you know, before you complain about us, why don't you? You know what? Why don't they put in action on the before You start your work day. Tell your boss that Excellent idea. Cuban Call the Cuban role because it's freedom. Well, maybe we shouldn't call it that you should call it the Cuban room. I'm tired of those stupid risk that this air like juvenile responses. Well, why did why isn't someone so doing this? When you do something wrong. Well, he did it too. Yeah. We see that in politics every day. Oh, yeah, they did. They did. It's okay. They did it. And we're gonna get more of that, You know, given what's going on in Washington right now, already more of well, they did two years ago. They did it, so that makes it okay. Yeah. You don't complain about it, then. So that's that's what we're going to get. And Cuban is wrong, and he doesn't wanna be fine began. He's worth billions of dollars because I wanna be fine. You know, a quarter of a million dollars or something in its pocket change. The report we had yesterday was that Mark Cuban, apparently had disgusted with the commissioner. Before he decided not to play the right correct. Sounds like that's balderdash, too done them. Hello. Commissioner has had a change of heart. I I know that letters and Things like that are pouring into the sports teams that decide not to play it or decide that they're not going to stand for it. User. Two smart guys, though they had to know that there that it was going. The people were going to realize they weren't playing it. And then there was gonna be negative Backlash. Not done much. How much of their already lost by breakthrough this? Yep. Don't people are people are saying Look, I I don't go to a basketball game, too. Hear about social justice. I go to a baseball game to watch basketball game. That's why I go. A lot of basketball. No. Well, 6 55 It's time for Rush Limbaugh,.

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