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Sports flag that defense and did not one but two games last night on the diamond we start at Dodger Stadium next in the right field at the base it is going to fire to the plate Dillinger hitting home the and the age of fifty five for the highlight from Terry Smith on angels radio the halos of taking the last three now from the Dodgers the Minnesota Erin Hicks made a running diving catch in left center with the bases loaded to get the Yankees a fourteen twelve any inning victory this one featured five lead changes our ties in the final three innings the red Sox for five four winners in Tampa Bay the Rangers snapped their eighteen skated seven two in Seattle and the eighties outlasted the Astros eleven in Houston for three Ramon Lorien tie breaking RBI double back on an L. grass the giants out the cubs five forward thirteen on a public stand of all Homer Robinson Cano three homers as the Mets beat the Padres five two and the nationals dump the Rockies eleven one Washington shortstop trade Turner the second cycle of his career both against Colorado get four hits someone in charge of doing like I said to not for different ones is I think a little bit of luck but I'll also the same time no no humbling to you know be with those guys I guess Turner is the third player all time with two cycles against the same team from the NFL Washington cutting linebacker Mason foster to save four million dollars of cap space foster start all sixteen games last season leading the team with one hundred thirty three tackles on the flip side the bangles getting what out Tyler Boyd a four year extension worth a Max of forty three million dollars the NBA has reportedly begun looking at how free agency played out this summer the exact scope of the investigation apparently unclear at the moment interviews should begin it soon Damian Lillard and the margin rose and bring the total to eight players bowing out of this summer's World Cup Marcus smart de Angelo Russell Julius Randle among the players expected to step in training camp starts August fifth in Vegas and they're at it again many Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather trading barbs on social media last night with a Denver new interest in a second fight for them a major Bodish four years reign of terror is over and now everyone thinks they can win the title but we know who really can we've got the NBA extra sports third as far as insurance we know every windshield collision has a unique sound beetle bird book drone.

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