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The Alabama LSU game was just want to ask for the teams trading touchdowns all through the second half of the login to throw it on first down going up top the fifty here on the fan Greg Daniels from compass media networks that made it forty six forty one late in the fourth but it was as close as Alabama got the Crimson Tide falling to Ellis you not just their first defeat of the season their first loss at home in the last thirty games elsewhere number one Ohio state even without standout defensive entries young demolish Maryland seventy three to fourteen number for Penn state goal losing for the first time this season they fall thirty six twenty thirty one twenty six to Minnesota tonight number five claims it off to a fast start looking to improve on that night and old record there are fourteen nothing on NC state closer to home army with a one sided win over UMass sixty two to seven Columbia beat boredom twenty four thirteen and a Cincinnati a forty eight to three win over UConn on a college basketball Saint Johns and Seton hall each winning their season openers after knocked off Monmouth ninety four seventy four Fairfield lost the UMass sixty two to sixty on the ice Wilders aged Panthers two to one that's eleven wins in twelve games for Barry Trotz screw Matthew bars L. Anne's got me field with the land for the aisles mix and that's both off tonight seems story for the Rangers and devils jets getting ready for the giants big blue dealing with lots of injuries along the offense of line no John Hall Appiah Marlon guard Mike rivers questionable leading to the promotion of Evan brown from the practice squad and the support also.

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