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Reagents going to play for a winner is it coaching stabs who are gonna win the battles for the guys who have multiple teams interested in them even though they didn't get drafted today yeah i think you look at if you ask agents you know they've already got the depth charts all spread out and they know where guys have have a chance of making that lost are better than others certainly the money comes into factor for a lot of guys and i i think there's definitely a lot of conversations not only you know earlier today but i think you know throughout the rest of the week in training camp that they'll have with guys trend bring them in but if you're a general manager if you're in the scouting department at the bottom line is is talent you want to find some talented guys and you look at some of the undrafted names that there were some big time names deontay burnett when when a rose bowl with sam darnold and he went on draft i think it was a good pick up for the titans i i think there are a lot of guys out there that that are really gonna add value at ended up making the lost or over some of these draft two guys at a lot of teams because the talent there at the low in is a lot better than has been in the last couple of years ryan great stuff we bring on board and sharon with us now you got business take care of the next couple of days we'll check you out on athlon sports thanks robin on with us tonight absolutely.

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