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United states constitution and then anything else that's on your mind i will tell you a story from the denver post nobody's the worse critic of the denver post than i am that's so thin you can't even use it to line you're birdcage anymore and fortunately in on my bur died so i don't need to buy bird liner but so often the headlines yesterday had some headlines on the peter boyle show that the spin was so obnoxious a beautiful story this morning on the front page of the denver post really get to on him in a region that poem i keep talking about on facebook but let's get back to karen and talk about what's on her mind which included the idea that un troops were coming to chicago and i first of all can what was your source for that information where have you been seen her hearing i ankara i am thinking it with dr sh but then they wish they had inner huge someone uh in chicago who is a news person he was like a manager of his station there and he had uh taking pictures of it and uh she got he said he got nazifree weighty taking pictures have it this guy was arrested for doing that and here he's a news person you think you know i mean they are supposed to be well i reporting the news i have not seen any reports are pictures of any type of peacekeeping forces from the un in chicago i don't believe it's true but i can tell you where where it started there was a cook county commissioner his name was richard boy can just happened this week and this guy was traveling to new york to meet with the un assistant secretarygeneral for peacekeeping support a guy named oscar fernandez to ranko of argentina and in here's what he said he told a tv station in chicago at o'hare airport i'm hoping to appeal to the un to actually come to chicago and meet with victims of violence and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts because i think it's so critical for us to make sure that these neighborhoods are safe and you know this was all in response to president trump during his inauguration or right after it when he said and i may have to send the feds industry cargo to.

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