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Dead lifts is one of those exercises that you can put a big x. thrown go. We don't need to do those anymore. Well listen we will. I mean we got that guy who tweeted us but now we have dr clapper who apparently was listening. And we'll tell us what. The wyatt generally take so long doctor clapper. It's great to hear your voice. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening. And so why does it generally take me an hour to actually be seen when my appointment was at one forty five and it was like two fifty and i'm finally being seen could speak my office and i don't wanna watch so however long it's gonna take for me to take care of you whether you came from alaska san francisco or from around the corner. That's the way. I run the office. And i would say with the pandemic we actually see less patients because of all the mass and all the protocols so if you're having more of a wait there is something wrong the office you go into clapper. Don't you. when i listen to you on saturday mornings you like to do deep dives when people call with injuries. Have you heard what. I'm doing here today with george. Dr clapper where. I'm finding out what exercise. Why are you dead lifting. what are you training for. How did you put it. These are all critical questions for clapper. Vision agree or disagree. Dr great jobs got topless. So george how younger you forty three okay. So after h forty a lot happens in our body. So i'm gonna write another book called. Stop exercising you're killing yourself and then it'll say. Let me explain. Because i should trademark the term age or size when you were twenty five years old george you could go to the top of espn building a jump. You gland on a car and white yourself off and you keep walking at forty three years old you elastic anymore. Things snap so that this that you have used to be very rubberband ish now. It's stiff like letter. You gotta exercise differently. Okay fair enough dr clapper. You know what. I'm gonna hit you up after the show and whether it's today or tomorrow discuss better exercise regimens for me. Great to hear your voice brother. I okay. same here love you bulk. You've known a great job. Gosh love doctors in wichita and george make sure when you call dr clapper's office you tell them that you were on the radio with him and he'll move you to the front of the line. He does this every just text. Dr clapper's just just given some advice. That's all i need to call his. I just text me. Text me all the time. We're good like copper. And i go back now. I've been here five six years. Now kaplan clapper. You gotta know. Dr clapper to get to get that kind of you know what i'm saying. Do indeed yeah. Listen we've got lots to do. We're going to do bash for cash. It's back two hundred dollars and four hundred dollars. Those are your chances to. That's the type of cash you can win if you give us the correct player who hits a home run hit if you pick the correct player and what inning. Though hit a home run in you can win. Four hundred dollars to win twice the amount and if the person who calls in greg do i have this right. The president calls in and gets to be caller number. Four one the cuticle happens they will win a meet and greet virtual meet and greet with. Mookie betts yes. You're absolutely right okay. All that's happening so stick around. I was trying to promote that but clearly. It's today for a lot of reasons but we'll get to that so tune in keep it locked those for that cuticle you win that virtual meet and greet when mookie betts and you could play bash for caches. Well all coming up in two minutes. Thank you.

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