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Would you rather dine with under the stars in paris bradley cooper or leonardo dicaprio bradley cooper ooh a sway too busy i guess i mean both of them are cool i really like all right thank you very gene i was reading your by tone i was reminded that paula deen and her husband kind of discovered u s astronaut signs oh it or something okay yeah yeah rotate and his product that you shipped and we have barbecue sauce and they came on and my ex action camera i was not even on camera produce was just watch him and he was like why are you doing this show i said nothing really i was like no really have you are you back in touch with her since that in all those years ago yeah no i think it's whole heart timing best and she grew up you know so i understand but at the same time we do need some numbers training i have mentioned that to them many months before oh you have yes you would flag this issue yes really wow yes all right let's go to julie from siesta key hey julie what's your question for candy hey candy and everyone any what was your reaction to seeing mama joy sit down with porsche did that change any of your feelings towards this is my reaction yeah i mom at him our ports you know what i really was bothered more about about what my mom was saying about todd while she was sitting with borjas the overall down she said you made lemonade.

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