Senator Kamala Harris, President Trump, White House discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Iheartradio. A legal battle over the border. Wall battle armature, Jordan, Fox News. President Trump is facing swift backlash over his national emergency declaration in order to fund a border wall already the group Public Citizen has filed a lawsuit against the emergency declaration in DC district court more than half of the eight billion dollars the White House identified to build the border wall does not depend on the emergency declaration. The one point three seven billion dollars from congress can be used immediately. As can the six hundred one million from the treasury, forfeiture fund and money already in the DOD's counterdrug fund. Fox's John Roberts at the White House. A Mexican national detained by border patrol died at a Texas hospital Monday. The cause of death is not officially known. But the man is the third detainees since December to die while in custody. A Justice department official says deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein will step down by mid-march Rosenstein recently made headlines after former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe said he offered to wear a wire to the Oval Office and mentioned invoking the twenty fifth amendment to remove President Trump from office. New attorney general Bill bar is expected to name Jeffrey rose into the post empire's star jussie smollet has not met with Chicago. Detectives since two brothers questioned in the alleged attack on the actor were released the official police channels will only say that enough evidence was developed in the interrogation of two brothers to let them. Them go. Chicago police are now repeating this desire for a follow up interview. You had a lot of people who were touched by the allegations of this attack had elements, homophobia race and politics involved in it a lot of people became very angry. Senator Kamala Harris was one of those who called this a modern day lynching just a short time ago when questioned about this. She says she wants to hear all of the information with the completion of the of this investigation and will only common after that. Mike Tobin reporting, this is.

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