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Sure does that means that you are belly breathing and sometimes this can take practice but don't worry if you visualize the air going all the way down to your belly, then it's going to help you become a more conscious. Bailey. Breeder. Now point number three to read our slowly and through your mouth especially when you're warning to rest, relax and detoxify your body remember to breathe out through out and imagined that you're breathing out through a straw. Now, this simple act does many things. Firstly when you breathe out slowly like this. And when you extend your explanation, it stimulates your vagus nerve which stems from the word Vaga Bond. This is the longest nerve in your body that is connected with many other organs such as your own, your lungs, your heart, your stomach, and you're in Stein, and when you stimulate this nerve, it sends a harmonizing signal all across your body to relax and detox another benefit breathing out slowly is that you're not letting go of all your carbon dioxide suddenly, and this allows for your carbon dioxide to build up inside your body as you gently. Let out the air which facilitates the release of oxygen from your blood haemoglobin. And into your system might Akon Raya, which is where all your energy at the cellular level is produced, and what this means is that by just breathing out slowly and extending your eggs, Ale and imagining that you're breathing out through a straw, you now have more energy available for the important and much needed act of cleaning and detoxifying your body, and finally as a bonus, try humming on the out breath according to a study guard assessment of nasal and sinus nitric oxide output using breath. Explanations they found humming causes a great and reproducible increase in nasal nitric oxide put in hilly subjects, and as we learned earlier, nasal nitric oxide helps stimulate your lymphatic system, improve blood circulation and increase energy production, all of which tribute towards the elimination and the removal of harmful dachshunds from your body. So what I'm sharing is actually really really useful especially if you find yourself. In this global pandemic where you are reading your mask but also you're taking these steps to really protect your body nourish your body knew how to relax you already de-stress. Moore. Also detoxify urine dia body. I could share a lot more information with you but I wanted to keep this simple and actionable. So in summary Breathe in through your nose, please do not in art. Breathe in and out through your mouth because that is really detrimental to your health breathing through your nose, breathe out through your mouth when you're ring breath work. But otherwise throughout the day, you can just breathe in and out through your nose and during breath work when you're breathing out imagined that you're blowing out through a straw. So you're gently leading out the air you're not letting out the air at one go so breathe all the way in. And Out Now and try to come on the way out. And, there are many month residue can use. But the mantra deny suggest today is the heart Chakra Mantra, which is Young Y. N. G. Young in fact, try doing this right now. into the. Letting go..

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