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Tweet us as we said at lebatardshow at Rb underscore, MRs. Yeah, that's me. Nicole Briscoe at Randy Scott ESPN for me. One guy already found me earlier. Oh, no big. Yeah. Huge lebatardshow fan hates you. Yup. Cedric how nice maybe Cedric. Some other. Yeah. Well, I can't say that what takes? Tip. No hate here. Hope rainy sky gives you a good day. I just don't like him so I won't watch. Oh, what else it was your dial though? Not funny. Yeah. It was a lot of rich anything brandy hold onto this. He's legitimately bothered by this. So you're letting no name behind a keyboard, widow Cedric his name. He's right. Cedric. He's out there. So anyway, because your wife get you flowers for your birthday. No. Did you guys ever guys ever want flowers? No. No. Right. It's a nice jet. It's been married for all of today's the one hundred flowers like I love flowers, but I don't I give them. But I don't tell them give them for an occasion, by the way, you know flowers. That's the power movie. Yeah. Grocery store. One day with flowers and she'll swoon question. What drake? Yeah. Does he need to tone it to many to tell them to tone it down? The problem is it's working. So no, it's working who in Toronto is going to tell him to tone it down. Okay. Maybe Nick nurses, like, stop touching me. Yeah. I think so like maybe the children wins gonna tell the embassador tone it down around. Look at this. We created this, this didn't exist before, we are here around square pumps right now, we did this doesn't matter what anybody says it could save disrespectful. They could say this Matic. Everybody's within within the pool. Everybody's doing their thing. We are like a sports team. The Toronto Raptors college sports seem I promise I loved Ronald I love to see here. Here. All right. Listen, I admire the I admire the passion, I fire the. Enthusiasm and trying to get Toronto on the map as a as a what because trying to Toronto's a beautiful beautiful city, a major really do international cosmopolitans got a great vibe to it. Great neighborhoods collecting all of that, like great. It was established before the rafters were there. Who's the Sabbath certainly before Saturday night before the NBA finals? Yeah. So, like, what's the goal is to establish it as a North American Free agent destination? Is that the next step, which by the way, Colossians day, Mike question? Question. What role is Drake in is he the superfan is he actually an ambassador for the team because I feel like there are two very different definitions there. Like if I'm a paid in Basseterre. I'm able to get away with things that superfan cannot. And I just want some clarification. He's more than a superfan because he's been enabled by the franchise to, to be that, right? Like he has he has a say in uniform design. He has a say in some believe, like a social media press, like is he like an assistant to the assistant? Three regional manager. Dwight shooting AM. Yeah. Like I, I don't know what he is. He's more. He's more than a fan like he's a step above Jack Nicholson, in terms of not fame or icon necessarily, but his role team. Yeah. I think it's more than just show up. Whatever it is. I don't know whatever it is. It's working, whatever it is. It's working because I firmly believe I truly believe he got into Yanni's his head. Counterpoint Cerruti, you think he got into Janas? Hey, definitely got into the honest his head and he got into all the bucks head. He got an you clearly got into Mike boot nosers head. I mean, I think because the second coach bud like acknowledge it was going on to the media. That's a problem. Second. They brought it up. The second Yanni is like people like he's management company, the second day acknowledged it, you realize what was going on behind the scenes. You realize that this was an actual conversation in which Jaanus was, like probably words, I can't. Say but it was a thing. So obviously he was getting into his head, and you could see it on the floor won't mean easy air balling, free throws, and yet, rake is saying stuff to him and he's getting agitated..

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