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Holly flung CBS apple unveiling a new line of iphones today during its annual big September events KCBS is Mike HOGAN says upgrades were also announced for a host of apple products. Three new iphones were unveiled apple senior. Vice president Phil Schiller, including the iphone ten s the iphone ten s is not just one. But two sizes of display the five point eight inch in a new six point five inch super retina display. This is the biggest display ever on an iphone. It isn't all that display as well. Three point three million pixels four hundred and fifty eight pixels per inch. Again, apple chief operating officer. Jeff Williams unveiled the new fourth generation apple watch it has a larger display and curved corners. The speaker has also been completely redesigned. It's fifty percent louder which is great for phone calls and walkie-talkie or Syria. Request. You just won't believe the sound you get out of such a small device. The new watch starts at three. Ninety nine four ninety nine with the new iphone ten s is priced at nine ninety nine ten ninety nine for the ten s max and seven forty nine for the budget version, ten are by Colgan KCBS an eighteen month old girl died after she was accidentally left in a hot car by a family member yesterday in Moraga ficials say they responded to a medical call and the first block of hardy drive around four PM the dispatcher reported. There was somebody screaming and crying on the nine one one call investigators believe it was an accident and the family member called for help immediately after finding her it was eighty degrees outside at the time of efforts of the health community. Parents teachers lawmakers and the kids themselves paid off reducing tobacco use among teens by half in the past decade. But as KCBS is Rebecca corral reports a tiny high tech tool threatens to destroy all of that. No, more clouds of stinky, smoke and stained fingertips, no choking when. You inhale and delightfully cute flavors like popcorn mango and cotton candy have made e cigarettes the darling of the teen set we've worked so hard to get kids to find smoking unsexy. And now this new product comes along that's reintroducing nicotine into the lungs of teenager UCSF, professor pediatrics Dr Mark Rubinstein says e cigarettes are so appealing to young people even low risk kids. The ones who normally wouldn't consider substance abuse are flocking to devices like the jewel. Hi, tack and sexy and has fruit flavors like mango. So he's relieved the FDA has finally calling out e cigarette makers threatening to pull them off the market if they don't reduce underage use of the devices within sixty days, but Rubinstein says he realizes the could be useful for adults trying to kick the habit a lot. We just do not know about these products. We do know that e cigarettes in vaping are now more popular than smoking traditional cigarettes among teens, Rebecca chorale KCBI. CBS CBS news time four twenty five now from the small business pulse. Bay.

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