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Noah came not a bad running back. But Jahan Dotson to me is going to be the best player on the field, and I think he could be the difference. Your take on this one Auburn at Penn State. It's down. The money is going On the way to Auburn. Katie is on the other side, and I know it's slipping away from a 52.5. I'm going to take the guys in the white out. Are you on the other side of you Part of that Auburn money, Brad. I'm on Pan's staying here. Hi. I'm not buying Auburn. I mean, they they didn't play. Anybody literally didn't play anybody so far this season, so I think there over in that regard. Phone. Ext. Is terrible on the road, and I don't think they have wide receivers. I watched him the spring game. Remember, they lost their top three wide receivers in the NFL draft. They don't have that. Then I think the atmosphere gets about the man play in front of something like this in a couple of years, so First time for me, Katie. There you go in with you. First time in 90 years, Auburn travels outside to a big 10 opponent on the road. Utah state they will be helped. We see almost Here we go. Utah state. Let me see. I'm trying to trying to find that one Utah State and Air Force somewhere. I've got that card. But you know what? I have to come back to that one, Brad, because I I don't even know where the heck I put that in the numbers there, But you know what? It's a Utah state team that's off to to start. And our boy coming up from Arkansas State doing a pretty good job, their air Force. Of course, Calhoun, one of my favorite coaches, so let's stay there. That's a good game on paper 54 the total Air force very consistent. Can Utah state's slowed down the option and can Utah state continue to move the ball on offense to stay inside that number or does Air force role? Utah state. I mean, I've seen enough first two games. I mean, I was just impressed with the North Dakota performances there was with Washington State when Utah State one out raising 17 point underdog, outscoring North Dakota 41 3 to close the top 10 And yet, it seems, might be one of the most improved teams in the country. So that's the case, therefore, shouldn't be laying double digit There you go. Logan Bonner, the quarterback, of course. Coming with Coach Anderson out there to Logan and Tyler. Pretty good running back his Daniels leading the way. They're for Air Force and Robertson, Michael Tom Michael Davis have four touchdowns on the ground there for the force Virginia and coach Mendenhall Brennan Armstrong leading his troops, They go to North Carolina. They're going to take one. Of course, Sam. How tight Chandler Pretty good Receiving Corps as well would downs Green and Simmons there for U. N. C l. A Papa Thompson, uh, pretty good in the backfield. Therefore, Virginia and then Billy Kemp, the fourth Wicks Wood's good receivers. It's going to be a fun game right now. North Carolina 7.5 Some places eight other places 66 the total. Brad. Named Virginia hand taking myself for not taking the Tenet sat there for a while on Sunday. I just didn't take it for some reason. I think this Virginia teams, the real deal. I mean, they certainly looked apart. And I can tell you this that it was then blowing out Illinois last week looks better now with Illinois performance tonight. Yes, that's true. Illinois continues to lead in Maryland 17 to 10 and Brad says, Go with Virginia won't surprise me. If Carolina does win that game by double digits of How gets that rolling Out like he did last week. Central Michigan at LSU. Right now, 19.5. It's staying steady. The Bayou Bangles at home 61 the total Max Johnson and company going to try and get some more out of the running game. Davis Price 67 yards on 21 carries Not good booty. The receiver, five touchdowns already and the Monte Clark 20 tackles for LSU. Simon pretty good quarterback there for CN. You and Lou Nicholas. Good back. The problem is that central Michigan has given up nine sacks more than they've got. They've given up 11 sacks already in the early going, but they did hang in there with Missouri 34 24. 19.5. Is it too many points or else you roll on this one? They, of course. Just striking a deal with Caesar's The L S U Sports have a deal now with Caesar's Palace, and we'll talk about that next week. Brad, your take on this one. Island, Central Michigan. I'm was using banged up awesome along hasn't played well in central Michigan. They're not going to be overly intimidated after they want to Missouri and competed. McElwain's better coach. We're not dead, then in Oregon. My opinion, actually. There you go. I got some. I got a few pennies, as you would say on central Mission. Meanwhile u A B in North Texas, you may be getting crushed by Georgia. But You know Nice Georgia defense. We know it's good. I didn't know it was that good, though. I mean, I had some money there on U A. B and they were lucky to get a pick six just to not get shut out in that game there, minus 13 against the mean green 57. A half is the is the total there in that game from Denton, Texas. Tyler Johnson will lead the way there for you, Abby against Rotering Company for North Texas DeAndre Tory. He could miss this game for North Texas. He's questionable. He's there leading running back. Your take on this one. Seattle and you may be in a bob sexpot. Nothing big, but, uh, ham sandwich on the bulldozers. Stanford at Vandy Vandy off the come from behind win over Colorado State and Stanford. The big time win over as seen now the cardinal going back on the road minus 12.5 in Nashville. Total 48 a half Tanner McKee has taken over for West Eric quarterback and they've.

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