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To the lay festivals around. No matter your plans day connected by making the WSB radio app, part of your summer checklists for breaking news, weather, and traffic all summer, long news, ninety five five AM seven fifty. Depend on it. Bb doraville. Cox media group station. Twenty four hour news, weather, and traffic. News, ninety five five and AM seven fifty speed. Atlanta's news starts now. Good evening at six o'clock. I'm Cheryl Castro live in the WSB twenty four hour news center. Keith those umbrellas handy. Very wet weather. We've seen this week, we'll continue through the weekend and beyond the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning for parts of Spalding Rockdale, Henry Newton counties through nine thirty tonight, most of north, Georgia, will the enter flash flood, watch through eight o'clock on Sunday night, or at seventy degrees right now on Peachtree street. Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast coming up over not the only area with flooding concerns, some flood-weary, mid westerners, fear rising. Rivers are the new normal. One top Senator is also alarm Senator Durbin fears flooding along major rivers is becoming the rule not the exception. Let's be honest. It's gonna come again and it's coming more frequently down. And they're just. Footer shy of ninety three record breaker. So what are we going to do about it, and believes the army corps of engineers needs to lead a campaign of restoring and strengthening levies? Shawn. Balint ABC news. Alternate Lloyd breaking news. I I this is w SP twenty four hour. Continuing news is on the way to South Georgia farmers. Eight months after hurricane Michael devastated crops new sign federal relief package sends three billion dollars to three states hit hardest, including Georgia. Former governor and now agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue stop by South Georgia yesterday, we'll have this program implemented in weeks, not months and hope it gets money in the pocket,.

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