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Is there a possibility of food shortages for ireland. I mean you got the irish people they need to eat. It's going to you go through winter. it's going to be you know. Do you have to survive. He had a ship all your food somewhere else in your starving next summer i mean next winter or i what this always always perry. It always comes down to food thing. And that's why you're the potato fan and that's why we got a bunch of irish in america. The same thing could be happening. So i'm wondering you know are people. They're ready and able to stock up seeing. It's going to be a food thing or even how are you even surviving. How are people surviving other. The businesses closed their universal basic income. Or something. I don't know when we come back. We're going to find out how is buried him. The families surviving under constant lockdown. Food is not making it to them. Shipments from all over the world or slow down there blaming it on everything else in the fear and here comes a shot and start doing the shop. People start diet then. What the how We got the new fourth edition of healing. Our world the compassion of libertarianism. We'll take your understanding of liberty to a deeper level and has ever thirteen hundred updated references new cartoons and forward by dr ron paul with discounts for multiple book purchases. The fourth edition of healing. Our world is a great gift for the liberals pragmatists environmentalists and christians in your life. Who think libertarianism is cold hearted get yours today at healing dot freetalklive dot com and use promo code f. T. l. for a five dollar discount. There are lots of ways to listen to free. Talk live or podcast has been around since podcasts began and now the f. t. l. feed is loaded with content besides are full show archives. Did you know that we make it. Easy for you to customize your podcast subscriptions we have different feeds. One that includes are full shows one with just the daily digest and our main feed. That includes everything. You decide what you listen to. It's quick and easy to customize your feeds at feeds dot freetalklive dot com that's feeds dot freetalklive dot com. I've.

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