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Seeing kevin durant de'andre andre door delivers. What do you mean covers people and people in the room. I'm sorry the restaurant at seven hundred seven hundred fifty people in l._a. Or l._a. I was here last night. We're in los angeles so those six gentleman had a great experience right but if we just focus on them the other seven hundred plus. That's a miss so i think the best way to get all of this to work is make sure that everyone is hand on narrow people with way more relationships than i do way more people in their cell phone than i ever have and there are many many businesses that start with celebrity that are complete and total failure big time in fact. I think if you did a case study daddy on it. I think it would be probably nine to nine to one ten to one of successful business started with celebrities versus those for everyone is that what because for everyone randy gore gerber and george clooney who absolutely loved their product and create qasim he goes. There's nine hundred and ninety nine who are inauthentic to the brand. I wanna make money or maybe they are authentic to the brand but don't have the the business practices involved or don't have the timing or donors partners so they maybe they don't have the capital title. Maybe they don't have the team and maybe they don't have the timing so for every time someone refers casa migos which i really just enjoy the billion dollar business amazing randy gerber over who i who used to work for his love tequila since the day i met him when i was twenty four years off he he knows this business and they both enjoy their product. Mike hillman as well so that's why everything had to work. They had their authentic. They're back financially. They probably ran a great business and they also oh had all those relationships. It's never one thing so someone's listening to this looking for a silver bullet for success. It doesn't exist because if there was one everyone would just mimic and as soon as they mimic it it will change the yeah you no longer unique so how important relations been few over the last fifteen years since since he started ten june and have been in the business. Have you cultivated these relationships consistently for fifteen years. Have you burned a lot of relationships from certain the things i think a relationship guy i work really hard on relationship. I try to put relationship before dollars in almost everything i do which is why i love love having partners so to me and this isn't the case in my business but if i did ninety percent of the work and you deten and we were co partners i wouldn't care hair-splitting at fifty fifty with you because the result is i want to say to me that ten percent that you do might be really special and allow how is to create this one percent product so i don't really have an issue that so my relationships are priority to me. I care about friendships. I care about relationships. I hope i haven't burned a new relationship. I'm sure everyone has burned a relationship. I would never want to and sometimes though you have to look at someone in the say what you're asking for is unreasonable. Yeah i would love to make you happy but it doesn't work for me and if that's a burning of a relationship then that's a burning of relationship..

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