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Of help in that secondary so right off the bat there one in four surprise entry as viewer wanted me to see more of this draft and all along we kept on saying if sam darnold gets to the giants at two of the giants really gonna pass up on sam darnold that number two and the answer was yes dave gettleman was honest a week ago when he said saquon barkley is someone that you know his mother could've scouted that's how good he thinks of him and actively indication they were good to go with saquon barkley but the quarterback need was so great with ally getting up there in age at thirty seven you would have had to thought they would have really loved one guy but in reality they didn't love any of these quarterbacks and saquon barkley is the right pick to i don't have a problem with it how ever sam darnold ends up going to the jets which he did and ends up having hall of fame career the giants will regret that no matter what saquon barkley turns out to be because if you have a hall of fame quarterback an opportunity to get it you had the strike on it the giants did not so giants taking a little bit of a risk but everyone does regard saquon barkley and most people got saquon barkley as the best player in this draft and if you're a jet fan you have to be aesthetic because to me sam donaldson best quarterback in this draft there's no quarterback in this draft that i thought was the lock but i thought sam darnold was the best many people thought that he was going to be the number one quarterback taken he ends up being that number two but the jets get sam darnold number three and we'll see if the jets just don't them up in his career but i do like to pick a lot what else did stand out to me in the draft to the.

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