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Luneau for twenty two million to file a lawsuit against the houston astros. Basically saying he was a scapegoat. The drop manfred. Jim crane Wanted to ask us to keep their championship so he became the fall. Guy basically so the question is will that lawsuit ever reach court. What happens next will jeff luna work again and That relationships obviously been Well it's it's not exactly on the best terms so we'll see where that goes. I'm not sure we'll ever hear. It would be very interesting to hear if that was ever in a court. Look what was said about major league baseball because major league baseball hasn't exactly been transparent with all this but i don't think we're going to hear anything about it probably get settled and move on right. Imagine that's going to be the case and and part of that settlement would probably be Gag order not allowed. No talking allowed a lot of times if you're going to get a settlement. I think that will look to that. There's some who'll you're not allowed to if you're going to write a book. Guess what doesn't get touched. The story exactly right right so wants. This is it. You may not hear much from About the situation depending on what the word loss it goes and if there is a settlement that i would imagine if i was the person if i was the astros at part of that settlement would be The it stops today. We were talking about it. So we'll see jefflin's sue the houston astros and twenty. Two million dollars. Seems to be the figure and then the question is will this affect or what affect will it have on jefferson his career or what is his career for a very bright guy who helped build a baseball club and says that he didn't have knowledge of it. So of what went on with the astros so We'll see and and we'll see were just career goes. I was about this guy's and we'll get to the texans. We got plenty to talk about with them but not a lot of you know. Put it this way. They don't they. Don't make you wake up in the morning pumped up about your football team right. You don't wake up in the morning you wake up in the morning so blah. It's like it's not we get to talk about him. You know what it is. We have to discuss this that that. That's how i feel. Sometimes because i feel like it's groundhog day every week. It's it's an obligation to an extent to watch them because they are the team here in the city and we want you mean for for us. We're going to have to talk about them on going to watch them even if they stink. But it's easier to be. We've talked about this yesterday to have no emotion involved in it clearly because it's a bad football team that's it. They're not good in anybody with a brain function. We actually had somebody call yesterday and they look a lot better. And you know they're they're that's that's the kind of stuff you need to see to get you back to the play offs and it's like What did we see. I mean nothing. I saw. They have they suck. I'm just trying to figure out that. It is an obligation. I will be honest with. You is a football fan. Die hard football fan. That has my computer in one lap. And tv's on and watching the nfl ticket wound scrolling around and look at it every game and then going back and watch shortened versions of so you can talk on other shows. You gotta go onto about the team. You're going to talk about like the cleveland browns this week on wednesday and fortunately for us. The opponent is cleaned brown. So i get double double dip and talking about these two teams. But i personally if i i'll tell you this if i didn't live here in half and you know we need to inform because there's nothing worse than somebody trying to come on and tell you about a team that hasn't watched right trying to analyze and breakdown a game that you didn't watch is is is not really a recipe for given fans true insight to a football team so you gotta watch and you gotta watch it right and you gotta be honest and i know some people like there are some people in some cities. Don't want you to be honest. They just want you to tell them how great their team is even if their teams not that that that is going to happen on this show unfortunately because well or fortunately. Because that's just not how we do but it is honestly. I would not watch the texans. If i did not live here and i i wouldn't either. Well we'll say at least this game is past weekend was semi entertaining from the offense the standpoint that there were points scored but i still will not watch them. I wouldn't i hate it. But it's just the truth they stink. I go back and watch some highlights at to shine. You know i'd let sportscenter show me f- five or six highlights. I need to see or the ten highlights. I need to see. I go back if i was again. Just because i'd wanna be up on where they were. But i a for instance. If i'm going i'm not watching jacksonville's games there's if there's fourteen twelve thirteen sixteen sometimes by weeks over games a week. I'm i'm not. I don't spend time watching four quarters of jacksonville jaguars football. I don't spend four times watching. I didn't watch last night's game had stuff going on scene family. I i saw plays because it was on in the background. I go look at it this morning. Watch i i didn't i could. I know the patriots won and it was a good game. And i know the jets were winning and i did tell a person last night. That was watching the jets. I don't wanna lose this. Because we're gonna get two trevor lawrence here in a second jets. Don't want to win this football game. Maybe they got to back off be told. Hey man maybe we should Quit plan well you know we. We don't want to win this game. Well i said exactly. I said don't worry about it. It's early. the jets will find a way to lose this. And i'll be damned is. That's how adam gates does but i didn't watch i mean what interests you have other than if there's a player on there you wanna watch but this it's so frustrating to watch and it's not like you it's not. I'm not going to bad mouth. Just bad mouth them but you gotta break it down to be honest football teams. It makes it very difficult to get into for four quarters. Each week is my point right and we very difficult watch and it's it doesn't give you the. Ah you're looking for juice each week and it just it doesn't give you an ibm. If i was working in another city the texans would fall into the well. Yeah i also the texans would fall into. I'll watch the highlight. That's how the texans would be if i wasn't here right now. Watching them play frustrating. But i'm never quit on them but because the quarterback but the defensively. I'm always looking for them. Have they had a. I'm looking for a signature game. I guess is my point. And i haven't got it this year. They have the beaten the jaguars twice and barely diverse. But this one was even the only up.

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