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All news all the time on KCBS. PCBs, traffic and weather together time we start with traffic years, kid. Well, hello there. We've got a new delay on the Bay Bridge. This update is brought to you by Lucky and Lucky California someone ran out of gas. That's never any fun upper deck right after the island, and the KCBS phone force tells us that the slow lane is blocked traffic light in that direction. It's not posing a major problem at this point, and I'm also looking at your ride out of San Francisco to the lower deck. Of the Bay Bridge, and it's the usual routine. There. We've got traffic backed up to Cesar Chavez a really heavy step onto the eastbound 80 Skyway. But once you get on the lower deck of the span traffic moves at the limit into the East Bay. We've had our share of troubles on the signal grade, a couple of earlier crashes in the north bound direction on the downhill side there. All clear, but it jam things up out of Fremont, and we just got a text from our own. Ted Raimi, who's headed over to the earthquakes game in the South bound direction, he says. They're also doing some work on the fast track. Sign it jet that might be blocking the left lane North bound so There is that more salt into the wound for that North bound commute and earlier accidents. Ah, well, we have that to car crash at the Dublin interchanges found 5 86 80. No lanes are blocked. But it did manage to back up your ride a bit eastbound 5 80 on the Dublin grade at Lucky and Lucky California you confined the tastiest fall flavors and deals. This week. Grass fed whole beef tenderloin Just 79 united Pound ball bursts with flavour at Lucky and Lucky. California the Golden State of Eating next update. 3 58 on the traffic leader. KCBS MEN Seanie Asleep World six day forecasts were going to get it now from K P X five's Poul Hagen, Good news and bad news in the Weather Department today. The bad news is that the rain chances we've been focused on for Friday and Saturday appear to be dwindling. Just a slight chance of this point that we see anything more than.

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