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Special report. I'm Vicki Barker now nine twenty two some conspiracy theories being cooked up on the internet after it appeared is opened a major pizza chain might have been serving frozen pizza. CBS correspondent Steve Kathan with the story. Vincent Romero thought what he saw at his local Little Caesars pizza. Shop was strange. This hurtful digiorno pizzas behind the counter naturally. It my Twitter, and he tells USA today of quickly went viral was it pizza gates with frozen pizza being served by a major chain for people to think that they're actually cooking pizzas. That's really funny. Chrissy Teigen was among those who chimed in turns out they were from a next door KMart which needed storage help before getting rid of them customers had complained about them. So in fact, no one eight the pizzas, Steve Kathan. CBS news thinking that was the manager that Domino's would not have let those in my store those digiorno pizzas. I was wondering about that. But I think you would know the difference once they served it to you. If it was in fact, which it was not you would think controversy everywhere, you can't walk two feet without hidden. Federal investigators insist that their search religion dairy cache of. Civil war gold came up empty, but the treasure hunters who led them to the site say they're skeptical about that. Claim Denison Ken Parada spent years combing, the woods of western Pennsylvania with high end metal detectors drills and other tools and finally called in the feds when they felt they were getting close the feds say that they found nothing in a dig last March at a site north east of Pittsburgh neighbors, say these speaking of conspiracies, they say the late night excavations, and the FBI convoys have continued. So that has the Beretta's wondering if the feds really did find something, and they're just trying to hide it this gold dates back to. Right everything eighteen sixty three. This goes back to just before the battle of Gettysburg fifty two bars of gold derby transported to Philadelphia to help pay the troops..

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