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Just the women mea to be the moment they fall out or they have a situation is pulse this debate this other no and the true nature up there come down now. We do have people that are truly allies to us that I've experienced true allies Bevis have you seen Bevy Smith is definitely a true ally to the girls to the people you know other women like other women. Oh come over but you got the ones that definitely come around in because at the end of the day just like the you know the transgressors have much gay community and they're going to get back now this this this is going on with fish now and fish wannabe long on have butts down blew down push up way little these fantasy bodies Hoti. That's all coming from from the girl. There's all fantasy. Shit is coming from the girls to color hair. The Siwi even going back to the growth US stepping out damn near in in costume. Now you know what I'm saying. Is You can say yeah. Alex is big. Motherfucker got a look alike Wayne girl my knees motherfucking allegations. I got on but the Lingo and just everything you know you gotTa. It's the thin line between those allies income remind and kind of rub rub elbows with us just to kind of take our to the strait was saying Look Apple Laissez. I say come eat up our Lindo eat our she monetize off of our they were the beginning of everybody's in the same way that black folks that y phones do it. It's the same yeah exactly and we not tolerating animal. We call it put holes out all the way but the nine nine on into two thousand real life. I don't see you as the P._O.. Kind if the drain on Youtube though PHUC guilty bishop ain't got the right down. Even the PUNK is train fisheries. If when I got the cloud we are only real route with my mom. I think the job you we are on Biz aren't listened. I'll say that women are the enemy of not do that because all women are not the enemy but we do have people do have grown that are really not allied the situation. I call us a space them the one you can't interest Kazakh at the pound. That's what I knew about the. I don't know whether you do gotta ask grew Vicky idea <hes>. They all want to know that don't want to hear that. That's a big thing in Miami now to people the videos are coming out taken videos. The spouse left all of a favorable note new crowd as quite as can't be..

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