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This is a download from bbc learning english to find out more visit our website at least three from bbc learning english hello and welcome to the english we speak i'm fake and i'm rob hi robe have you ever wondered what you'd be doing if you weren't here mm lying on the sofa watching tv i expect no rob i mean in your korea if you weren't a talented presenter like he wa i'd be a financial whiz kid investing in the stock market making loads of money a whiz kid you mean someone young very clever and successful at doing something yep that's a whiz kid i don't know why didn't do it do you want me to tell you know let's just hear about some other whiz kids who a young intelligent and successful just like me my nephew is a computer whiz kids he owns a fortune fix and people's laptops all new financial whiz kid has come straight from university and he's doing really well she was a whiz kid at university so it's no wonder she is now a partner at one of the top legal firms so they are whiz kids clever successful all skilful people aren't most of all they are young black kids and that's the problem rob there's a problem yes you are not young any more okay clever then um i'm not so sure about that all right successful one out of three isn't bad well um.

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