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Of super bowl fifty two so there you go our pets let's get these calls the lines are lit up just the way we wanted one eight five five two one two forty two forty seven let's start jacksonville alba's on tiki interior he cbs sports radio i'll take it away what's happened a buddy yeah so i just want to let uh ask you a question to tiki house series a record against the uh the steelers jacksonville by the way it is but i know over the last couple of years when it gets into the post season the steelers play really good football to let the one time notwithstanding where they play the new of the the new england patriots in their second there was young and get torched in tom brady took advantage of it are the problem is at this point in the season it's it's experience in the post in the post season and having been there a couple of times in my career it picks up an attack a serious take we saw blake borders last week not be able to handle it so i don't trust blake bortles at quarterback with been rothlisberger core they're all thinking of happened before yet they don't matter by the way what he was troubled out what you were trying to get take you to say was that they played wants to the playoffs and your jaguars beat him once at they wanted to hear right i but but when was that has a while ago thank allah joy the game without was the head coach not the vice president play person through and brunell imputable cordell janine smith and pacelle the and freddie taylor nails couple hall of fame quality players even though they're not allowed live although it was it was more recent than that no that would have been uh that was two thousand eight so that would know has added and called on the air i was none of those guy well definitely not coughlin definite up route while okay so but even garard wants to gave the or who will be for the steelers david karrar was charlie batch forced in a play for some reason fa charlie batch at a play that game now ninety davenport if it works after uh let's get the andrews in pennsylvania tiki interior cbs sports radio andrew what's up what's up recall back in october acting kiki about the.

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