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Just gotten word that the president is about to make remarks after he signs an executive order on new sanctions for iran will bring it to you as soon as the president begins rennell let's see what's up with your jive on the fifty five looking at tustin on the fifty five southbound just before fourth straight seventy broke down there right in the middle traffic and there's also a ladder in lane so watch for that heavy traffic now for you from the twenty two south l._a. on the one five west at vermont report of a crash here carpool and left lane so expect that to be loaded right around the six oh five so far k._f._i. in the sky sponsored by injury attorneys superwoman super lawyer dot com jeff boss says the aware of congestion downtown los angeles yeah there's certainly is just want to remind you that the mess and following very low cavalry cemetery is taking place at the cathedral of our lady of the angels in downtown los angeles pretty much around temple hill i suppose thought about nine thirty seven staging for a long time so all of the surface feature on there especially the senate again around temple hill really jammed even the northbound drive on the freeways getting up towards the four level and the cathedral are really really slow so a lot of extra time involved careful going through injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com jeff k._f._i. in the sky and call us if you bought something the raf seventy time traffic line is eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three k._f._i. in the sky helps get you there faster i'm robbing banks this hour of the bill handel show brought to you by norm reeves honda superstores norm reeves honda dot com let's get something clear you may be competing to.

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