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Of treatment that are more experimental in nature methods one might consider ethically questionable the control group is at ten part scripted drama subscribed for free on apple podcasts and never miss an episode is that what you think undoing and flick har to be honest i don't understand what you're doing and that's what frightens me the most the control group from how stuff works and is have we christie lakes character oh word yes and wig come call okay bye i wanna see if i can get some clarification on this so there's a scene where early on in the movie it's establishing that theodore's lonely guy and he calls different i guess sort of like phone sex with but not quite hat rooms it can be in and then you sort of like i guess is like when you go into a chat room but instead of it being a room you just sort of like go to each person in the room and give them they're like one sentence and you're like oh say a lotta them in like so he initiates this com this interaction with sexy kitten sixtynine or whatever they start like pretty neutral at first and then it starts getting sexier and he says to her i'm in bed next to you i'm glad you can't sleep because she's like i can't sleep in psycho neuro by bud against you in donor and he's like do but he says like i'm glad you can't sleep even if you were i have to wake you up from the inside is he's saying that he's going to wake her up by putting himself inside of her i think that's the implication and if so that is a hundred percent rate unless he's saying like wake you up from the i don't i i can see it meaning something else but i don't even know if i can articulate it's right spiritual but doesn't feel like yes i agree but also that sentence is a very weird way of saying right yeah it's it's worth i remember what it's only because i don't think that was the point yeah but yeah no whole scene is weird and i would argue a little bit unnecessary like we get it he's lindley and he is down to not have a face involved but other than that i don't really know what that accomplishes it's supposed to be funny it was the like it's like a funny beat me with a choke yeah right like they're like introduced a king a dead cat cake i think it's just sorta it's like the plant to a later payoff where he does have sex with cement disconnected right it's like how do you show disconnection and not in a lake as tweezers movie is it's not one hundred percent tweet all the time and that for what it is is an example of this movie not being that we're it's like there's another ways of showing a person be disconnected and that is a choice and five years ago i found it funny yesterday it's like the movies slut shaming this lady with this very specific thing shaming her yeah yeah and i feel bad for christa wake but it was cool that's kristen wig yeah yes like on this episode of christian wake why are you in this lame movie see mother well then it goes back for me the conversation about all the movies that have men desiring nonhuman female forms in a i or robots or real dolls or whatever because it's just like it's sort of glorifying these store some of them some of them do provide commentary but a lot of them are just like look at this guy who just doesn't know how to connect with real women so it's fine that he would rather be with a fake artificial woman then a real human woman like an i don't know why we're telling stories like that because it's just like i don't know i'm frustrated my main issue with this movie is just like not thinking that hard it's not the king past step one on most of the topics it's handling and i think as a result kind of draws boring conclusions because it's just not thinking that hard yeah but i mean overall this is a movie that i like attempts to be like oh what if man fall in love with fake woman bought and doesn't really explore all of the.

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