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Getting the is like maybe the nicest characters ever been on film. You can't put in a box no micro. The week is from a pacific rim. But it's not one around perlman's lines at say idris elba and the final that he goes into the drift with. Forget the dude's name. Good looking like british guy. Australia got and they're talking about whether they're gonna be able to drift to drift here because your brain has to connect with another person so you can operate the kaija. These giant robot fighters and egypt salvator. And somebody goes and as for you while you're easy. You're an egotistical jerk with daddy issues. A simple puzzle is solved on day. One but you are your father son and anything. I forget the last time i know you'll fight well and then the kid goes works for me here. A bad ass. Very cool sweet chat. What's your faysal after it. It's give this symbol. Lumbar support air. What's your physically for going. After let's go shoot. Some chocolate nice mine is have trust. Got this of try. I think do i can't i can't fail. I gotta figure it out. I'll have not the should think about it that way but i can't let my insecurities dictate the outcomes of my relationships. So i'll i'll do it. I'll have trust. i think. A experiment with kerr week just completely letting everything go and whatever happens happens. I'm worried i'll like it'll cost me some like personal power. I won't feel strong. But what kind of strength is that if it's so fragile. So let's go. i think. That's i think that's stronger than trying to control it. I think you're right now. I'm going to. I'm going to drink a little bit today. And i'll feel better avi around. I'll be around me. I go yeah good stuff. Thanks guys. are we recording tomorrow scars on..

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