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For a yeah come on city council Canada to drop out of the race because he slapped a phone out of a woman's hands more on that from Cuomo's francolins is just hours after vote total showed canton Gartrell making it past the primary and into the general election receive Cotterill posted video of the incident on Facebook she says her trial was drunk and harassing her and her friends she says when she confronted him he had the phone out of her hands she says he then made fun of her Mexican ancestry started calling me you can even pull you can't even I'm very open in my community about my status of being an undocumented immigrants trail says she harassed him but that hitting the phone out of her hands is something he regrets signal is a natural reject reaction to push it's fallen out of my way and that's what I'm apologizing for carry on once guardrail to end his run for Yakima city council Frank Lenzi components time now to head to the Harley exterior sports desk and here's Tom Hudler the C. Opry season began with a twenty two fourteen whatever Denver last night many regulars including starting quarterback Russell Wilson sat out the coach Pete Carroll summed up a as a special win okay I thought that the the thing that I like the most was the was the statements to special teams made that there they want to do something they want men when they want to be something and a big part of this team and the effort on the coverage was just fantastic excellent through for a score ran for another as he battles Gino Smith for the backup quarterback spot Seattle storm with a win over Dallas sixty nine fifty seven a step three game losing streak Tampa Bay in town tonight to open a three game weekend series with the mariners and Sounders picking up a couple of players yet today Emmanuel to teeny a and also infielder midfielder Louie Silva as they get ready for a match with New England tomorrow one o'clock at CenturyLink field sports attentive forty past the hour Tom on the home of the Huskies come on come on it's time six twelve is a big weekend for mariners legend Edgar Martinez the hall of Famer the mariners are gonna be celebrating his induction into the hall which happened last month all it's all starts this morning Edgar will be raising a flag at the top of the space needle that has his number eleven on it the B. special giveaways and events soul at all three of the mariners games this weekend come on his time six twelve just days after laying at Sears a Kennedy killed to rest the Kennedy family is delivering a new message about mental health former congressman Patrick Kennedy searches because in sharing an op ed for USA today so you're sure.

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