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Saturday laurel shack queen king. Coming back for gary capuano howard county. Turn back actually looks pretty potent in here at a glance. Actually this look like there's some. There's some horses with upside in here. May the horse be with you for brittany russell. Michael dub a bull's bay gelding coming out of an when you have a check. Winking coming back. From a mile on the sixteenth so nice card for laurel and Part of what flushed out Into a a very nice saturday when you fold in fairgrounds The gasparilla and the pasco the boys and the girls go and seven eighths each at tampa as well and You know what. Maybe we'll save this with with seth. I'm sure sep. Those looked ahead feeling. Mischief for michael campbell. Coming out of the sandpiper where he was a winner at Three one favourite so leads the group in undoubtedly and in the pasco the inaugural winter did not come back in here. Actually interesting poppies pride. But the third place. Finisher for tim padilla. The alligator hunter overanalyze colt. Tim co-owns with peter madsen. Looks like looks. Alright y'all got last out the winner making a debut. Horsa a flat out for tim ham out of pomeroy mayor. I don't remember if we had for member. If we don't think we came up with would have remembered any with tim. Heimlich a heimlich h. i. Emi l. e. c. h. c. can't maneuver his way around Yeah alright case. Better take a break. We'll take a break here. Come back at chris griffin is gonna join us. We'll talk about the i. I thought that was terrible..

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