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Spends thirty billion dollars a year on marketing boy the soccer news this week has been coming fast and furious we had the obviously we learned that we're gonna get a Major League Soccer team the new stadium is going to start being built is going to be a big party on Monday that's when the announcement is now there's word this morning that we may get a women's professional team here as well bring in Alex Tasker right now he is with the tower bridge battalion he is one of the most devoted soccer fans in the region he's also a producer here at KFBK Alex first of all congratulations to you and the fans you been hanging in there for a long long time long over due for the best soccer fans in the nation yeah so first of all let's talk about this the new element this morning on women's team how interesting is this what what do you know about this well I know that would they would be expanding to nine teams now the NWSL there seems in Portland and other markets with this currently MLS teams this would be the first instance where the women's he would come before the MLS team well in the market so that's kind of interesting and and you know our women's national team that has dominated in the World Cup this is where those stars kind of shine in their own right so we could see some of the Alex Morgan's are the Carli Lloyd so I will this is not a done deal there are steps that have to be take there are still a few steps come hurdles to clear parent Lee like they're in advanced talks yeah talk about the feeling among the Terebra each battalion right now so the official statement is we share the great excitement and anticipation of what's to come and that their playoff start next week for our current USL slide Sacramento Republic FC hash tag almost Los Robles so what's the unofficial word though half super happy long time coming it was three and a half years ago Garber was downtown we have the rally and he said it's not if but when and that kind of been the resonating statement as other teams like Cincinnati in Minnesota and Atlanta and there's a list go as long as you saw those cities being ticked off and getting teams did your frustration grow well you said it right ticked off yeah as we're trying to think is ever going to happen yeah at this point are we just are we just fodder for other teams like all will if you don't get your act together sacrament is gonna get and using us soon but now that it's you know the big announcement on Monday this is going to be you know great so great celebration for the city of Sacramento it's gonna be a great celebration in Major League Soccer and I think that the city is just really not thrive with another professional second as are a professional team but in another major league franchise you know and we we we should point out that a lot of credit goes to fans like Alex Warren Smith is a man who had a vision for this team a long time ago he's no longer part of the organization without people like Warren without people like you and on all of your colleagues this may not have happened New York saw how much energy there was in this market place and it's one of the huge reasons why it's happening absolutely any bring up warrants with guys like Joe Wagner Justin to blog Kelsey price people have been there since day one of really just put as they have their shirts blood sweat and tears into the steam fans as well and it's going to be great I I think this is a great thing for the city of Sacramento for second Republic of see Alex thank you congratulations well it's great I love that name blood sweat and tears right I almost expected out to have the face painting this morning on the tattoo this public tax do is there wrong I'd also like to see.

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