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Podcast one presents four up a thug kitchen podcast the show that discusses food politics and pop culture all while trying to give each week bestselling authors and the minds behind suck kitchen michelle davis and matt hallway are here to help give voice to folks just trying to get there together in and outside of the kitchen and now for your hosts michelle davis and matt holloway hey all so glad you're back with us i'm glad to be back to beer you've never left i didn't i just stay in the booth and then and then you come in on thursdays and you wake me up your bring you and chill out during your keep you are listening to another episode of forked up your goto podcasts for all things raviolis raptors and rarely pronouncing things right i'm michelle davis and i'm hot mal away on today's pod we'll be talking boxed wine mcdonald's is trying a vegan burger and how frozen food might be the future mater we'll be chatting with america's internet and cooking channel sweetheart the wonderful hannah hart so like you guys now we've got some of the best fans in the biz we've to meet a bunch of you guys at book signings pop up restaurants all kinds of stuff but there's one area where you guys could use some improvement some fans small little funky i get it it's time to leave behind those body sprays and graduate high school bodies for god yes that's where our new sponsor flirt comes in flirt creates expertly crafted sustainably produced perfumes with auto that bad stuff and it sold an honest price toes michelle how does floor work well instead of sending like a test.

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