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He's back with you now because when it comes to the fight for truth never stops. Here's an interesting thing. That's happening. The whole idea of how does she identify? Does she identify as an African-American? Did you see the thing going on on social media? And she asked him apply as a person of color because when asked by Jake, if she, you know, as a black woman, she goes as a person of color, remember that whole thing with Obama is he black enough that is different than identified. But is this an interesting conversation to me that I hear people talking about? This is what they spend time on CNN. This is where their focus is. They're they're wanting to talk about how camera Harrison, she's obviously a woman of color does she identify as black. I mean, I think with most people she registers is black. But this is a this is a conversation of sorts. I don't think it's particularly important one. But how does one quantify or qualify blackness in this country? If someone is of of dual ethnishity, if you will mother and father are from different ethnic backgrounds. Do do you pick? Do you? Did there is identification? There is a self identity process in this whole thing. It's it's dizzying when you try to put all this stuff together and try to understand where they're going with all of it. But that's you know, that's and I know you say, oh BOK, that's just one clip. But now I mean today there was a focus on Howard Schultz. Not knowing the price of Cheerios. Is enough. He's out of touch billionaire doesn't know the price of Cheerios. I'm about a billion dollars short of being a billionaire, and I don't know the price of Cheerios off top of my head because I don't eat them. Yeah. I mean, I guess it's like three or four bucks. Maybe. But maybe it's six and it depends on where you shop. I don't know John. What do you know what the price of shares? This was a big story today for the media for five bucks. Okay. Exactly John depends on the size. See John does John noses Cheerios? Honey nut is obviously the way to go. If you're going to get your yes. But I think plain Cheerios are gluten free, but I'd have to check. But that's the kind of just nonsense that they focus on when I played for you. What what? And I'm not going to go back and talk more about what we started the show because it honestly, it upsets me it upsets me to talk about obsessed with the think about it. But we can't. Move away from hard topics. Just because there's there's other things on the horizon camera Harris, not a strong rollout out for. I would say eight certainly a top three democrat nominee contender not not going. So well so far. And here's one that we didn't get to yesterday. And here's part of the conversation that I think is going to be harder for Democrats to make seem okay to the General Electric. I mean, the Democrats biggest problem running against Republicans is that they're their only job is to not be lunatics. And they can't do that job. If the Democrats came forward, and they said, you know, we're going to fix healthcare we're going to respect people's individual rights. We're not going to try and take your guns away. We're not gonna push climate change lunacy on you. We want to fix them aspects of ObamaCare. We will we want DACA amnesty, which I'm obviously very opposed to. But you know, we're willing to do some things at the border to tamp down on this false amnesty claims and also on the legal crossings with the fence. You know, if they just triangulate it a little bit a little bit. I would be worried. I would know that they were probably doing a head fake that they were lying. I'm not saying that the Democrats would cease to be Democrats, but instead of doing that instead of presenting themselves as Becher at governance and more reasonable than the Republicans. What do they do? The crazy talk play four. The plan was what we would call today a domestic terrorist group. Why? Why would we call them domestic terrorist group 'cause they tried to use fear and forced to change political environment? And what was the motivation for the use of fear force based on race and ethnicity? Right. Are you aware of the perception of many about how the the power and the discretion? At is is being used to enforce the laws, and do you see any parallels? Parallels do domestic terrorist group, ice, immigrations and customs enforcement, and I gotta tell you. That's why during the shutdown may be so frustrated all these Democrats who say, oh, the poor border patrol people. They're working without pay immigrations and customs enforcement, they're working without pay. I'm sitting here. I'm like all on a second. Yeah. They should get paid and I feel badly for those families. But they got their their back pay is now secured, they'll be all right. But Democrats are the ones that say that they're acting like Nazis that border patrol is like a bunch of Nazis that ice is setting up concentration camps. They're the ones that undermine the core. Mission of those agencies at the first sign of any political advantage from it. They throw ice and border patrol under the bus so fast their their heads. Don't even have time to spin. And then they wanna be all we're so worried about these about our brave, federal employees. We got to go to a quick break. I'll be back in one minute. I'm sorry. I thought we had a sorry about that team. I was like John what's going on here? Yeah. I'm not done yet. I have not yet begun to radio. So this is what you this. What you've got going on? You have camera Harris who is somebody who just she's just like Hillary, and that she's going to say, whatever she has to say in the moment to appeal the whoever she has to appeal to and eventually, I think it all will collapse the media's gonna try to proper up and hold her up, and and and convince people through all their little propaganda magic tricks that she's a centrist, a technocrat and sterling resume great personal story. The reality is she's a completely. Opportunistic politician who doesn't seem to have much of an of an ethical core in her policies. I'm not talking about personal stuff. And it's just not not a real matchup for the Trumpster. That's the good news for us. But we got more on socialism healthcare, big healthcare. Deep dot coming up next hour. Stay with me. Morning coffee is an American institution. That's why when.

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