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That year had Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated. And then they had the black power movement going. They had all the unrest from all of that. Oh, yeah, very discreet at that time both. But both the King and the and the convention riots in August And then you had a year later, You had that to the days of rage and it was step was going on all the time. It seemed so much Money. Streetwise think that by the way, let me just if I may make a quick sidebar here. Nothing to do we're talking about, but we had We profiled Paul horning on a few weeks ago Ever. Yeah. Paul Horning died this week. The other day. Yeah, well, yeah, yeah. Packer tomorrow. That's for sure. Religion by I didn't didn't get much ink, but I heard that he passed away. You interviewed him with time or two? Yes, I did on several occasions. At one time we had to fly up to James went through Janesville, Wisconsin airport to get him coming in. That's after he had been suspended and was getting ready for the next year. You call in 1963. He and Alex Harris were suspended by Commissioner Rozelle for gambling on football games. And the result was that he said, had to sit out the whole year and he was coming back to good to camp and we talked him up in Janesville. So that was sort of a newsworthy event. In that sense, Yeah. What a year. This has been for the deaths of star. Former professional players. It's been unbelievable, particularly the baseball there. Jesus above Gibson types and box on my gosh, she wrote. All of Famers should spend Yeah. What? Yeah. Yeah, well, let's move on now. Nancy Huggins, I don't think you had the chance to do this yet. Why don't you pick a number between one and five? Which will be the item that we do not use. In this week's episode of which ended higher I'll be happy to I also just wanted to point out the summer 69 was pretty good, and it ended with the miracle met. Oh, yeah, That's right. Not for the Cubs. You know where you really dancing? You really had to go there, Nancy, didn't you? Oh, well, you know, from the Jersey air, you know, you were a Mets fan growing up. I'm gonna go ahead and pick four. Number four band. Wait one sec time Something's missing. Oh, here we got that way. Nida's alerts to chime in and we've got everything going Number four is a Babe Ruth 1947 boldly signed original pencil sketch. Both J S and P s a D DNO authenticated. One for $3800. So as you can love, we've got some high end items this week in which ended higher. Okay my mind and picked that one. You could. I don't know if you're gonna want to see Oh first item. Rare. 1938 Cincinnati All Star Game inaugural press in Second item. 1981. Topps Baseball sealed vending case 12,000 cards in that vending case. James, Kirk Gibson and Tim Raines. Rookies Baines and rains were in the same rookie year. 1972 taps Syria's one football wets fax. BBC..

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