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Some temperatures right now. 84 Pasadena. We've got 75 Also. Alamitos 77 degrees. Sunny skies, the Civic center downtown Los Angeles. At 11 37 private school operators around Los Angeles. They are angry that they're being forced to remain closed when other schools are opening around the state. They blamed County health officials live now. Okay. Next 10 seventies John Baird. A coalition of private schools has joined together to push back against the public health officials decision to keep schools closed in this case private schools hundreds of them. Representing tens of thousands of students. Tom Conjoined is the head of the school at Village Christian School in Sun Valley. He also represents the coalition of all these private schools, he says L. A county officials just suddenly decided that they wouldn't even consider allowing waivers for reopening even though the schools had spent a lot of money in time. Preparing to Rio Pierre just very frustrated that our county, Los Angeles County moved from a very transparent, very data based process for little schools to reopen. Now it seems like a subjective, non transparent process for going very slowly. He tells cayenne acts that if the county is concerned At the risk for the Corona virus would jump of a million school kids went back to class. At the same time, they don't need to worry, since many public school districts have already said They're not going to reopen until next year of the earliest. Conjoined says they followed the county guidelines, and they just want the chance to open, like other schools have been allowed to do around California. Reporting live. John Baird K an axe 10 70. NewsRadio 11 38 Amid criticism from Democrats that politics may be guiding decisions of the nation's top health agencies, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, telling Senate Committee members today this morning in fact that a Corona virus vaccine would not be approved until it meets. What he called vigorous expectations for safety and effectiveness. Also testifying this morning, Dr Anthony Fauci, who told the committee people who've recovered from the virus are showing long term impact. They referred to As long haulers. They have fatigue, my Algeria fever and involvement of the neurological system as well as cognitive abnormalities, such as the inability to concentrate committee Democrats, citing concerns over a number of controversial guidance changes from the CDC and the FDA. Over the last few weeks, the final stage testing of a covert 19 vaccine from Johnson and Johnson has now begun. It involves 60,000 people on three continents and becomes the fourth experimental covered 19 shot to enter final stage testing in the United States. It follows an earlier study in which the shot showed promising results. According to the Wall Street Journal, Johnson and Johnson could learn results from this trial by early next year. If positive government authorization of the vaccine for emergency use could come soon afterwards, thousands of people paying their last respects to pioneering Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she lies in repose of the U. S. Supreme Court building in the nation's capital. Correspondent's Skylar Henry reports and Mourners came from great distances away. Caroline Curry, Talman and Renee Bobbitt came from Florida to pay their respects. So many of the things that we take for granted as women and people, you know she was instrumental in providing, so that's that's really why we felt like we had to be here. President Jump is expected to come to the Supreme Court to pay his respects to Justice Ginsberg tomorrow. Ginsberg will become the first woman ever to lie in state of the U. S Capitol when her body has moved there that will be on Friday. Thie Cal State system has named a new chancellor. It's Jos Castro, who's currently the president of Fresno State University. He will be the first native Californian and the first Mexican American to lead the CSU system, like the majority of students. That we serve at CSU. I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from a university. That's a gift that I've been paying back. Ever since Castro was set to take over early next year, replacing the current chancellor, Timothy White Castro, will it Li will have to leave rather one more time. Castro will have to lead CSU school's out of the Corona virus pandemic as they eventually moved to returning students back to classes and to lecture halls. Courses will remain online. Through the spring semester Freeway check coming up as we get closer and closer to the noon hour. We've got some problems out there, including a crash South bound five freeway. This is right near Dodger Stadium, causing a big big backup. This is.

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