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Like you know. There's there's homeo- static processes in these cells and stuff and so is it. Actually I was doing the sauna too hot at one point time. I was doing it at two hundred and ten degrees. Because of crazy layered laird. Hamilton had been convicted. That's nuts did I've done I haven't done. I have like I've I've been to to Rick Rubin's House and we've done like it was like two hundred and something barrels on their die talk but like I I was about to like go to one of his like literally going get on a plane and go to quiet and I'm like I'm doing this expertise thing I'm bringing my son. We're going to be a trip and this was happening in March Right when it all went down I was like okay one day one day Larry. We'll do one table do it. So he gets in over two hundred degrees with a fucking air bike with oven mitts on this crazy asshole is riding in air dynasty. And I say all with all due respect because I love the guy. But he's right. I hear them airtime machine in a fucking sauna bro. I so I did that. Two hundred I bet you because they liked you the same protocol and this was like two ten or twenty. It was so hot like like like I I was. I was like on some kind of mind altering drug show. Like and that's that's the point with those guys. The other thing that happens is and then we'd go into this ice bath and there's like this bath right outside and we're like did all this is and like. I said I was trying to impress. Rick Says Staying. Nice long as they could you back into the sauna and and like getting back into this two hundred ten or twenty degrees on and you feel like it's like room temperature because you were just in this ice bath. It's the weirdest feeling then you do that. Like we did it like three or four times. I don't remember but but I was like I started out the conversation. I was like he chopped proteins and I was like talking science and at the end of the conversation. I was just billing everything. Oh Look.

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