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The internet chances are a good chunk of the clicks your ad generates is coming from robots not people so much so that by some estimates billions and billions of dollars are being wasted on digital advertising we find out what the industry is doing about it after the news bbc news with jonathan is the former opposition leader in malaysia anwar ibrahim has declared a new dawn for his country hours after being released from prison the seventy year old received a royal pardon following a shock victory for the coalition backed by mr anwar and headed by his former political nemesis mahachi muhammad anwar now says talk to mahatma has his full support north korea has threatened to cancel next month's summit with the united states if washington keeps pressing for it to give up its nuclear weapons unilaterally the first vice foreign minister said pyongyang had made it clear that the us must end its hostile policy as a precondition for denuclearization earlier it pulled out of this week's talks with seoul in protest at the resumption of us south korean military exercises the governor of the western afghan province of farah says a taliban attack on the main city has been brought to an end by salangi said about three hundred taliban and twenty five afghan security officers had been killed the taliban have confirmed they withdrawn but said only nine of their fighters were killed indonesian police have shot dead four men who attacked a police station in sumatra armed with swords killing one officer one attacker was reported to have been carrying a bomb human rights lawyers say they have enough new evidence to have the former gambian president tried on murder charges they say interviews with thirty jamie's former close associates of established that a death squad known as the jungle is operated under his direct orders killing in two thousand and five at least fifty five west africans most of them ghanaians guatemala has become the second country to move its embassy in israel to jerusalem recognizing israel sovereignty over the city the japanese economy has shrunk for the first time in two years but most analysts are optimistic the decline is temporary and japan will continue to recover from a lengthy period of sluggishness that followed its economic boom in the.

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