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My guest on today's show is making his second appearance on trainer talk, but it's been a little while. October 22nd, 2014 to be exact. But when you saddle your first grade one winner in 29 years and that grade one victory happens to occur at Saratoga, you should get the opportunity to brag about that win on national radio. So please join me in welcoming back trainer Phil SERP to trainer talk presented by phasic tipton. Phil appreciate the visit, my friend. Welcome back. Happy to be here. You know, it was less than 72 hours ago that you watched your talented two year old Philly leave no trace across the finish line first in the grade one spin away. So I thought it would be appropriate to begin today's show by rewinding the clock to Sunday afternoon at the spa. Kaling looking to come through down at the rail, then it is leave no trace and on the far outside. It's wonder wheel. The field comes in the stretch in the spin away. It is killing down at the rail in between horses leave no trace on the outside is wonder wheel. They're moving for the 16th pole. It is leave, no trace. It was come away with the lead here. Leave no trace about the pull off the upset in the grade one spin away. She won it at 14 to one, and she ran the 7 furlongs in one minute. 24 seconds. That's John embryo with the call, leave no trace in Phil, I have to tell you, man, it's been a long time since you've been able to drink from that grade one cup. That had to taste pretty good, my friend. Yes. I certainly did, you know, you're only as good as the horses you get to train in this Philly shown actually started showing early in the spring that she had a lot of talent and she certainly confirmed that on Sunday. Yes, you know, you were pretty confident going into the race, at least from what I read afterwards. I was reading some of the stories. And it seemed like, you know, look, this was a tough race, but you felt pretty good about your chances. Well, you know, her workouts were really good. She started going through a growth spurt late in the spring and she just really, really shot up in every direction and all in a positive way. And her works again going into this race. 59 and three. I mean, this is at Saratoga, where it really, really good horses work. And even her 59 and three, it's just listed as a breeze because she was pretty much within herself the whole way. Obviously, she could have gone faster. She was she was really doing well and looks good. And you know, you also have to consider what these two year old races have this field 5 out of these ten horses that were entered had only one race under their belt, I believe, and so are you taking a shot? Yeah, but she ran greater first time out or numbers were good. And you got to go for these things while you can. Did she surprise you with her win first time out? No, not at all. We had iride RTs on board and I told his agent. As soon as the book came out that he needed to ride this horse and fortunately, he did. She ran great that day, unfortunately for him, they chose another horse to ride back in the race. I actually think actually think the horse they were originally going to ride was a Philly that Todd won with up here that won by daylight and unfortunately I think she's on the shelf for a little while. But we really liked her and again, they do write the made in auction races, which again gives the person an opportunity. I mean, let's face it, you know, this Philly plus $40,000 as a yearling. So it gives you the opportunity to run against some horses and maybe not run against some of these powerhouses that show up at Saratoga. And but she was impressive in that race. And we were confident going in. We just or we don't we don't want to run horses just to run horses and we were confident going in and make a good account of ourselves. Put me there at Saratoga with you on Sunday afternoon. You're watching her start to pull away late in the race. She had a beautiful trip stalking the pace center. What was that like? What was that like for you? Put me there next to you in the grand standard wherever you're watching the race. Well, I'm a little quieter these days and I used to, so a lot of yelling going on, but we were kind of urging her because when you're watching on a TV monitor actually the pan shot, it looked like she was she was kind of getting there, but not quite getting there, but when you go back and look at the other shots, you know, she was getting there and kind of pulling away towards the end. But we were just happy. Look, again, it's a tough game. No place is tougher to win a race than its Sarah tyre. It never mind a two year old race. Never mind a grade one two year old race. So we were just really, really happy that this happened for everybody, you know, our staff, our owners, which they're great people. Unfortunately, they plan to vacation last year to go to Switzerland, so they were watching from Switzerland. So I sent out a notice yesterday that for 2023, there will be no vacations planned for August or September of 2023. But we were just happy for everybody confident in our horse and happy for our horse and just she got the job done and everybody came back safe and sound. So you're obviously not superstitious because if that was me, I would have sent out the email and said, from now on, you're watching every race from Switzerland. You know, you know, we actually then laughed and thought about that because last year, if you wind the clock back 12 months, they won the queen's place, which is Canada's most prestigious rate. We're a sen. Doctor bob vukovic and his wife Laura are retired and we're still concerned about COVID issues in Canada. So they elected to stay home and watch the race. So after this horse won, we thought we might buy them a ticket

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