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Just have a conversation and ultimately you can also contact your medical providers as pretty much all been vaccinated In ask further questions that you may have that are personal to you so if you have a pre existing condition for example. You may have some specific questions that you want to make sure. There's not interrupted for treatment. You're getting You may just received a different type of vaccination. How long do you after that. Which fourteen days. I just got co bid still struggling with these long term side effects. Should i wait a little bit longer. Things like that. I i definitely advise individuals to consult with your provider So as i call. I just wanna say where your mask and unfortunately double up Physical distance and wash your hands and tried to not to go to any social gatherings. Tried to keep your household italians. Keep your circle safe and things you can come in watch. Thank you very much. I appreciate it appreciate. Can you send me that link to that to that of the thing you saturdays. That's still around or is this quarter. I like to watch that. We'll see what the Homeopathic people are saying oh it was just this past. Saturday is in a facebook where facebook. Yeah i was on facebook live. I got the flyer. Okay please. I can definitely do that. It was on it was on their facebook. I was on youtube. I don't know where it was. But i was on something like this because you. I don't have facebook all right very good. Everybody's got to question. Really appreciate you guys taking the time out to listen and i really think my desk for coming on and certainly to give information. I think the best way to she. She put it as you know to give you the information guys. Make the best decision for you for your household considering your pre existing conditions and all that kind of stuff so much love apiece. Everyone take care and police. Reform is more than just a trending topic. My name is lawrence. hunter. I'm a retired police. Captain from the state of connecticut and new book called police reform. Talk about the evolution of law enforcement here in america and what changes need to be made in order to improve the relationship between the police and the communities that they served over the past few months it's become increasingly important. More evidence that there's something missing the ride between the police and the communities that they serve so whether you're about defunding the police or defending the police. If you're bob blue lives matter black lives matter no matter what side of the fence us happened. Sit on make sure that you pick up your copy of police perform today..

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