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Of the hugo chavez regime and then it successor the maduro regime so they were saying things originally about how well of course this was social justice so this is why you have people writing in places like the nation for example after hugo chavez died the nation is one of these leftist websites that i would never recommend you go to accept as a form of understanding how crazy the intellectuals of the left the selfstyled and selfdescribed intellectuals of the left actually are and how how disconnected from reality they are but there's a piece in the nation back and twenty thirteen when hugo chavez who really got this whole revolution this this bolivarian revolution that he promised started which is really just a grandiose way of saying state ism with social justice attributes and redistribution of wealth but the chavez started and you're the nation writing and twenty thirteen quote on the legacy of hugo chavez yes the venezuelan president could be a strong man but he leaves behind what might be called the most democratic country in the western hemisphere you had people whose only job is to know what's going on in the world to speak truth the power to understand complex situations and share them and share now for the american people you had plenty of and they were all on the left this was a leftist only shortcomings failure they were speaking as nicely as they could about chavez they were always trying to take some position on as that would allow them to virtue signal right i care about social justice therefore sure chavez does some things that are bad and then after him sure nicholas maduro the president of the current president of venezuela while it has gone into the seven circle of hell i'm sure he's not perfect but you know he's intentions are good and this is all about alleviating poverty and government programs coming to the aid of the most desperately poor so they would take that tone and they would mocked the naysayers who pointed out that government control on and this is the center of this crisis by the way government control and then the mechanism the tool of destruction invent as well and this is a lesson for all of us my friends whether it's health care or education or you name it in this country that's why venezuela.

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