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One bank I'm Vicky Barker in London and one in five Americans now living in full or partial lockdown to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus on forty vital commercial traffic will continue to flow but America's borders are being closed so are America's major cities and several large states Illinois California New York Connecticut the president's declared a major disaster in New York after governor Andrew Cuomo ordered most residents to stay home and to go she Asians resume today about a huge money bill to shore up an economy battered by virus related business closings and layoffs Tom Foley CBS news Washington well as you just heard president trump's declared an emergency in New York hardest hit by the virus and governor Andrew Cuomo's order all nonessential workers to shelter in place so that our community and interconnection and interdependence this is the very realistic embodiment of that we need everyone to be safe otherwise no one can be say Senate lawmakers failed to reach agreement on a massive rescue bill for the U. S. economy last night they're meeting again today economists warned tens of millions of Americans face unemployment and immediate financial hardship without some kind of assistance in the meantime there's assistance of a sort from the taxman is CBS's Jim shot of eight reporters this Asian to move back the income tax filing deadline means that not only do you not have to have your ten forty into the government by April fifteenth but you don't have to pay any taxes still owed by that date the new filing deadline is July fifteenth treasury secretary Mnuchin says this will be three hundred billion dollars in the economy during a critical time the US has now effectively sealed its borders with Canada and Mexico to foreign arrivals and CBS's Kenya McCormick says unauthorized arrivals will face swift deportation acting homeland security secretary Chad wolf says illegal immigrants will be returned quickly not held for days in detention centers as they are now it's going to be very rapid we're gonna obviously take them into custody and then send them back they would be put on planes he said it's a public health crisis so what we're trying to do is limit the amount of contact that we have with these individuals not putting them in border patrol facilities ice detention facilities in light Mexico's been resisting any coronavirus precautions insisting it's still welcoming foreign guests Mexico's foreign minister said he understands the concern but as of now tours are being allowed into Mexico from all over the world CBS is Adrian bars and tributes are being paid country music star Kenny Rogers died at eighteen one Roger's career spanned six decades and almost as many musical genres this is CBS.

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