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Featuring kevin's reactions right we've played played a fun game lately where people will send in lyrics that they thought they were sure that they knew what they were singing and then they found out the actual lyrics and they were hideously embarrassed and rightly so this comes from debbie she sent this one in she said for the longest time she thought that the lyrics to the song where jump on up to strawberry land it's making me crazy south those weren't the lyrics at all these were the actual lyrics on the strawberry this can be sing her lyrics jungle love mad it's making me crazy her not jump on up to strawberry land it's making me crazy is what she thought it was like a commercial for skittles or something it's ridiculous tastes the rainbow jim bone up to her eat us all we'll get it thanks well so to say we're folks are traveling around the world we'll send us photos a little towns they come across with fucked up name so we came up with a creative title of your towns got fucked up name it's it's comes from jila haber who said when i was passing through the small village in france i never felt more safe she said about this town here's a little village she encountered in france well the condom really is all about the safety you all the kids go swimming off the reservoir.

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