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About it i wanna talk to him in that situation was as planned but back to this situation joyce yeah just break up this is easy break up man don't try to think no no now if you that nervous they get a restraining order against our especially if you got like in text form that she threatening somebody this is an open and shut case yeah don't know stay in that broke you shouldn't should not go through that nobody should feel threatened you know the be stuck in a relationship rosie started being stuck in relationship is one thing but to the the fact that the beach oh s. shit i i'm sorry i left the dishes out cleaning right now you shouldn't you shouldn't sue this next one on this i love this lane chrissy misdemeanor elliott not kathy did that chrissy so christie sally so christie girl you say christie mr elliot also also kristen misdemeanor elliott girls there you go you know that's the reason why she did it so christie he says do you ever go through our she says she has a two part question says i do you ever go through your partners following and i'm not talking about using their phones to through google something i'm talking about straight up going through their texts or private messages on social media my boyfriend and i never go through each other's phones i neither neither of us has a has a pass code but a friend of mine recently told me that she and her boyfriend go through each other's phone i know it's not super uncommon but i also don't understand it according to her they read each other's textures facebook messages etc i'm award friend even said his ex will be just using his phone to play spotify and he'll look over and catcher going through his texts if you don't trust someone to the point you need to go through their personal conversations why're you even with them so again that's the first one do you ever go through your partner saw no no never been through somebody's phone about his earliest like phones could be a never went through apartments phone don't have been the the the recipient of other internet yes not pleasant but yeah i've been through the other end of that but i will never get even if that was the case now i will never try to go through anybody's phone password not i don't believe in it nope unbelievable 'cause i feel like you don't trust the why do you need to to confirm that what they not doing the only thing if you need to confirm that they're not doing anything then i mean you don't trust because if you got all trust them you don't need no confirmation you trust the i mean there's there's been in two cases where it has happened to me in one where i got abuse i got hit i didn't i didn't i didn't i didn't i didn't go through a iran they knows no that was sean shut down i i didn't i didn't do sean thing i didn't break witter but yes she went through my phone it's awesome she got hidden here while obviously wasn't a pleasant way to make a last i remember was we was watching full house the night before in fell asleep in that was the first big not to my head in i won't go fuck i thought we he was watching joey in mary kay nationally fuck just won't cut it.

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