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Prepare. Stay with W T o p and Storm Team four. We're working for you. At 6 38 traffic and weather on the eighth Serena Kessler on the traffic center. We're starting to see volume delays build on the Beltway out of lip topside, a little heavy from New Hampshire Avenue around toward university, Continuing on tour Georgia Avenue, with the lanes open south bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Delays are after Route 100 headed toward 1 75 with nothing reported while on route 100 near I 95 is a report of a crash South Banti 70. The delays are now before 80 Inter Bana making your Way in. She said it past 109. Once you get past their everything looks good to the lane Divide headed onto either loop of the Beltway. If you're on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, south bound inside the Beltway, seeing some volume from 4 10 making your way toward 202 inbound 50 slows after 202 trying to head onto New York Avenue Now in the district inbound New York Avenue. The volume delays headed toward Bladensburg Road, South Bound D. C. To 95 slow from Burroughs Pasties Capitol Street Inbound Suitland Parkway. Some volume getting past Stanton Road looks like the earlier Rechner Firth Sterling. May actually have cleared now in Virginia North bound 95 the volume from Dale City in the Woodbridge There've been reports of an earlier brush fire in the Woodbridge area, Then delays North bound getting into Lorton below speed through Newington, but looking good headed into Springfield onto 3, 95 2 and across the 14th Street bridge, eastbound and westbound 66 no reported problems. 28. It's Sterling Boulevard was a report of Iraq North bound 28 slow in stretches out of Manassas, trying to make your way toward New Braddock Road on further towards 66, but not Reported along that entire stretch, just the heavy volume. If you're on the George Washington Parkway, south bound that looks good coming from the Beltway, making your way all the way toward the 14th Street Bridge and the airport. No matter where you are in your career. Having a financial plan is a smart choice. Consider including the federal long Term care insurance program is part of that plan visit ltc feds dot com To Learn more I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. We're starting off So cloudy this morning. Here's Lauren Rickets. If you're headed out of town on Friday, we do have some rain showers and it looks like we'll have some rain at least for the first.

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