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And also a little bit disappointing, I think, also for the second seat, Casper Ruud, because we were talking about the fact that podcast season gets to his gets his first ever master's hardcore final. And we're thinking, oh, this is a great setup for him. Going into the clay season. And yeah, again, maybe a little bit like zero. Yeah, it would have been a little bit disappointed, you know, not doing as well as perhaps he felt he could have and carrying on, I say, that meant that momentum from the sunshine doubles. So yeah, I think for the top seeds in the drawer was, yeah, pretty disappointing week, but at the same time, yeah, nice to see kind of rune vanders and chop, getting to the final and for ruin, you know, is in the top 50 now, as you said, I mean, where do you see him? Where do you see him going this season? How high do you think his ranking can go? Because I think he said at the end of last season, top 25 was his ambition, but I still feel like he could go a little bit higher than that given the number of clay events coming up, giving the way he's playing at the moment. He'll be someone not really many people will be wanting to face at the moment. Yeah, I can see him getting like a big winner slam over a top seed. Perhaps not necessarily following it up and going deeper Islam. You took a set off Djokovic at U.S. open last year saying definitely doable. He did. So I think yeah, I think top 25s doable top 20, you know, if he's not having as many points to defend from the rest of his season. So he surely the only way is up should he stay fit and healthy. Certainly think he will go higher and top 50s just the beginning. So, you know, well done whole guru, we've also got another player who is going up in the world. That's Sebastian Baez, who won the ischial. Again, another first time ATP tour title winner. Sebastian Baez did reach a final earlier on in the season, didn't he, I think, over and the golden swing down in South America. But this was his first title. One very comfortably over Francis TFO 6 three 6 two got off to a bit of a slow start, but managed to, I think, hold his serve, not go double breakdown early on and that was kind of the real key factor from then on he was definitely the stronger of the two players and yeah kind of race through the rest of the match really wasn't a very long final and yeah, so two young new first time title winners on the same day and Sebastian Baez, yeah, obviously we think of him, don't we as a clay quarter he's Argentinian. He's sort of honed his magic, I guess, on the I think a lot of challenges out in the clay. But yeah, now on ATP tour title winner. I think of him as a new Diego Schwartzman. I don't know if it's the backwards cap and he's 5 foot 7, 5 foot 8, he's one of the smaller players on the tour and he is a player who he does just look at home on the clay court that doesn't surprise you. Obviously, as an Argentinian and yeah, really nice, really nice victory coming through again some real battles in ASTRO Francis tiafoe as well coming through various battles. I feel like he was on the brink of going out at various points on route to the final. So both had to really fight their way through to the final and I actually think Francis CFO. I mean, his semifinal against Seb corda was an absolute roller coaster. Seb called a probably should have won it. But TFO coming through 6 four in the third, I think it lasted over three hours. I think TFO was pretty knackered, having saved match points as well, getting just getting to the final. And I think perhaps that told a little bit in terms of, in terms of his legs, I think TFO was saying himself that he needed to go to the supermarket Kim and buy new legs. That was how TFO put it, going to the final, so yeah, I think maybe physical fitness had an impact on the spectacle of the final, but at the same time for Sebastian Baez and other player who just think is very just very consistent on the clay. I think he's quite aggressive. He's got a decent serve and yeah, it's setting up him setting him up really well. And I think he's another player is again now into the top 50. He's having a good season. Was in the next gen finals. You know, at the end of last season and he's just kind of continuing so himself and I know that they're going to be people saying, can he do it on a hardcore? Can you do it on other court surfaces? Not sure at the moment, but at the same time he's making the most of it in the part of the season that you would think this is where he wants to make it count particularly at the top end on the ATP tour level. Yeah, and even if you start out as more of a clay quarter, you know, there's absolutely nothing to say you wouldn't learn and grow and adapt your game to improve and excel on other surfaces. So he's just starting his career like let's not write him off just yet on other services. I think it's all a matter of time isn't it? But yeah, for sure, very comfortable on a clay court. I think actually CFO, we were talking coming into this tournament about what Alejandro davidovich for kina was going to do. Where we after his Monte Carlo final. And he did lose the TFO, but again, it was another very tight battle. So see if I had to get through that one as well. So I'm not surprised here if I kind of ran out of steam in the final there. But funnily enough, he seems to like estero. He's got to a final before here, hasn't it? Yeah, it seems to be a lucky tournament for him. I think he's got to four 80 P finals. Two of them have now been at estriol. So there is something about the clay here that tiafoe loves. Yeah, he took 9 hours, 47 minutes to reach the final from his four matches combined..

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