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Want to join in the conversation? Triple eight. Say ESPN 8887 to 9. 3776. We're talking non quarterbacks with the most to prove league wide Now. I didn't do my list Myron in any sort of numerical order, because I just think that it's different when you are looking Position lists effectively and looking across offense and defense. But I did start out with the skill player who, I think has arguably the most proof of any wide receiver currently in the NFL, and that's patriots wide out. Nick Eel, Harry. Um, you know the situation that he was in This off season. You know, we can have a great camp and his practice production doesn't necessarily translate to the field for some reason. Um, you know, this is a situation where the Patriots spent a lot of money with Nelson Agler Kendrick, born under Henry John New Smith during free agency. And they weren't really shy of any pass catchers. Um and so he ends up starting the season uninjured reserve for them. How is that going to affect his future when this is somebody who, you know, contractually speaking, Um, you know, has been kind of public about like what he wants and where he wants to be with this, But now you're starting season, you know, behind the eight ball and I are. How are you going to be able to supplant any of those names that I just mentioned that they're pretty loaded it Wide receiver. Where does he fit into the mix there? Um, so I mean, I know it's kind of probably a little bit more of an obscure one. But for me when I thought of like, okay, skill position, guys kind of go running back could go wide receiver. I think that you know, he was a name that I followed all offseason, just kind of wondering what was going to happen for him if he was going to be with the Patriots or another team via trade this year, and Now we know he's on IR. So how long will he end up being there? And I think that's such an important point in that We saw the offseason contractual stuff, and, you know, when does he get his chance? And you know when he's healthy? How does he prove anything? You know, and that's a team that Hasn't relied on the big wide receiver, the superstar wide receiver. They've done it with a lot of blue collar guys a lot. Those guys that replaceable so I think it puts them in a really difficult spot for sure. Yeah, So, um, so he's my He's at the top of my list. Where did you go to offense or defense with yours. I went defense to a guy who I think we sort of forgot a little bit about, but I think he's got a really important year coming up. And that's von Miller. I mean, yeah, 2015 Super Bowl MVP, but he hasn't looked that part in a long time. 2019. He took a step back. There were a lot of buzz about whether or not he was the same player. Continue to play at the same level. He gets hurt in 2020, and now he's coming into a year, where he also had contractual issues with the Denver Broncos. Denver Broncos said. Hey, man, we want you to take a pay cut. And von Miller said. No way I'm going to pick up my $8 million option. So this means it's most likely his last year in Denver. I think his franchise I think it's cap hit. It's something like $26 million if they were to tag him, so that's not gonna happen, But so he's playing for his future. Von Miller wants to prove that he can be the guy for another team that he can have a bounce back season after the injury and play at a very high level and oh, by the way. This is a Denver team that's picked to finish fairly low in that division Teddy Bridgewater comes in. I don't know how many people believe in him. But this defense is going to be the key to everything that they do and that von Miller Can play at a high level again after this injury. I think that changes the trajectory for the Denver Broncos, and also makes him far more interesting to teams around the league who want to pay him what he thinks he deserves. Okay, so I'm gonna I like that one a lot. I think that you know, von coming off of the injury last year, Um and and not, you know, in missing the 2020 season like he is a shell of that player that was the MVP of Super Bowl 50. And it gets expensive to keep defensive players, especially edge rushers. If if they can be like bounce back candidates if he can be any good this year. Stop me if you've heard me say this before, or anybody who has watched, um, the this next player try to do this year and year out budget. Avian Clowney. I feel like every single year I'm talking about. This is his back here. Yeah, like he created this last and he's He's always number one on it. And it makes sense, though, because, like 2020, he couldn't find anyone. In free agency to take him at his original asking price. And, Yeah, it was the start of the pandemic. We didn't know what was going to happen. Nobody wanted him for over $20 million a year because of his lack of sex in 2019. When he went from Houston to Seattle, the 11th hour he had that core muscle injury required surgery. So He ends up. I mean, yeah, I forgot to. He's also with the Titans at one point before the 2020 regular season started, And then now he's with the Cleveland Brown so he gets a chance now to start. After a season where he registered no sacks, Um, in the first eight games they played in 2020 before he had that season ending ending surgery, repair torn meniscus in his left knee, So he's injured and he doesn't have the production, so I feel like if he wants to get back to A point where he's not signing these one year prove it type deals every year. Then he's going to be in a spot where this has to pan out for him in Cleveland, and it kind of feels like it will least be prime to do that. You've got Myles Garrett. At the other defensive end spot Clowney, You know, the book End and then Malik Jackson and Andrew Billings there on the inside. It should be a pretty good defensive line. But you know you can. You can come up with names her. You know Danielle Hunter, For example, when we talk about contracts for guys who are looking ahead to the 2022 season and what they can earn And he's also coming off injury there a lot of formerly injured defensive ends that are trying to get paid in 2022, where this season it's pivotal and truly critical in order for them to to get there, but This is a list that we can keep getting into throughout the.

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