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That with the sultan on done we walked in and he was asked we will have dinner with with michael jackson's radical he was sites way his lovely on or he wants to talk about was music and i walked in i said tie on from opoku quote stops and you i'm always fascinating obc fostering can judge lobster and my best friend took a picture of mean michael and she shaking so much blood so it's all right goods out that hold the it was for you've got a great story right brilliant this is now digital detox so if you had to choose just one of these things for the rest of your life so again one of you just take this first thing that comes in you and hate so one contact in your what's up for the result you ally on cape relieve your group steps what sets great that works one spotify playlist on repeat the rest of your life i like i love to nashville series yeah i love that i'll play a little songs that's that's good one after still me on spotify playlists have we will delman iso i'm gonna come santa anita vologda one app on your phone train line various one catch you come without phone i won't be fighting federal nausea and one tv channel sky atlanta cb bee's now this is going to be really tough few god's guidance is shuffle delete repeat mccabe when you get three famous psalms probably stepped songs and you have to choose which one you'd put on shuffle which one you delete forevermore and which one you'd keep playing so.

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