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Close. ELISA Brady box means Back to school has been a familiar cry for families for decades, and Livingston Christian schools in Brighton. It will be again very soon will look a little different this year, probably, but the safety of Livingston Christian School students will continue to be a top priority. Live instruction five days a week is the plan about Levinson Christian schools is also prepared to adjust if needed. Livingston Christian Learn more at Livingston Christian schools dot ord. Dana Show If you are never given the choice, can you really say that you've chosen if you've never been given the choice. How can you say that You've chosen How can you attribute that to a growth in your character? How can you attribute that to a maturity of your spirit? How can you attribute that to anything Good within you if you were not given the choice to do good. Tune in for the Dana Show. Weeknights from 60 weighed on Wham Deena Show from Michigan along 94 somewhere and harbor or somewhere there, abouts. Dish again by the name of unusual name. I have to sit alone. They won't get on my nerves from, I guess somewhere in Michigan along 94 somewhere and Arvo, your crime agent Skye, You're fine Maintenance guy, sort of unusual name. I have to sit alone. I'm ready to get up and do my thing. Switch gears in them in here. I want to get through the rest of this explaining this critical race story. That's up on us right now. That's that's why people are doing what you're doing in the street because they listen to this crap from school. Remember a guy named Father Flicker. Remember him? Catholic? Brief study under street from Jeremiah Wright. Remember those guys? James Cone? Remember James Cone? All this comes from Flicker. And right, Of course, James Cole was the main evil. Let's call it the Satanic Demon. With regard to this, he had.

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